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Tutorial: Working with saccades and smooth pursuit paradigms in SMI Experiment Suite

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SMI Experiment Suite includes a rich set of tools for the design and analysis of saccades and smooth pursuit paradigms. In this tutorial you'll first see how easy it is to design experiments based on both saccade and smooth pursuit tasks. Then, the tutorial will explain how to analyze the experimental data with tailored tools in BeGaze.

Tutorial: Introduction to Automatic Semantic Gaze Mapping (ASGM)

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The tutorial provides an introduction into the automated analysis service for Eye Tracking Glasses video data.

Video: Using virtual reality with eye tracking for immersive research

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Psychology Prof Melissa Vo has long used eye tracking for her visual search studies but, as she explains in this video, virtual reality with eye tracking has additional advantages.

Video: SMI mobile integration with Noldus The Observer XT

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Dr. Richard Lilley from Tracksys Ltd demonstrates the wireless integration features of Noldus The Observer XT using SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless (ETG 2w).

Video: External camera sync with BeGaze Analysis Pro from SMI

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Gain more insights from your SMI Eye Tracking Glasses with an external camera view.

Video: Experiment Suite 3.7 support for saccade and pursuit paradigms

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Use saccade and smooth pursuit paradigms with SMI Experiment Suite 3.7 and SMI high performance eye tracking solutions.

Video: Experiment Suite HMD for eye tracking on 360° stimuli

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Analysis eye tracking data collected on 360° stimuli using SMI HMD Eye Tracking solutions