WEF Davos 2015: SMI Eye Tracking Helps Engage the Consumer of Tomorrow

Davos, Switzerland—January 21, 2015—As world leaders gather this week in Switzerland at the 2015 World Economic Forum (WEF), a major focus will be on how companies can engage consumers—especially millennials—by motivating them to purchase sustainable products.

Starting in 2012, the WEF and its partner companies began to consider how to challenge the world’s largest demographic (millennials, age 18-34) to drive behavioral shifts resulting in a demand for more sustainable products. Using SMI Eye Tracking solutions, paired with Emotiv’s brain response technology, Olivier Oullier, professor of behavioral and brain sciences and expert on the behavioral and brain mechanisms of decision-making, designed an international study to determine how millennials conceptualize “sustainability” and what that means for brands and companies.

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“Eye tracking reveals the invisible reasons for people’s decisions and actions not accessible through self-reporting methods such as surveys, polls or focus groups,” said Oullier. “Combined with neuroscientific data, Eye Tracking provides unprecedented insight into how individuals make decisions while helping organizations improve their efficiencies in domains ranging from business to policy making.”

Findings of the study show the importance of simple messages and indicators when it comes to driving purchase. Because millennials expect brands to “take the lead” by guiding them toward products that are more sustainable, brands have the implied responsibility of helping millennials “consume smarter.”

Additionally, the study showed that because sustainable does not have a singular meaning for this generation, businesses would benefit from employing key messages of “quality” and “durability” to drive more sustainable consumption.

“Excellent eye tracking should be natural, almost invisible and easy to use in real life settings,” said Eberhard Schmidt, managing director, SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI). “By integrating our mobile eye tracking technology into normal glasses, our solution allows for the measurement of natural subject interaction, including full wireless observation in the widest range of real life applications.”

If you are in Davos, and want to experience the ground breaking technology used in the WEF study, reach out to Olivier Oullier at +33 6 03 024 025 or @emorationality and follow the hashtag #EyeBrainDavos.

More information about SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless can be found by visiting www.eyetracking-glasses.com.

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