SMI Launches iView 2K: The Next Generation of High Performance Eye Trackers

iView 2K Remote Eye Tracking Specialized Eye Tracking
SMI iView 2K high performance eye tracker

The new SMI iView 2K platform combines ultimate data quality with a new level of versatility and intuitive use – for chinrest, remote and MRI studies.

Following years of extensive research and development SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) launches a whole new generation of high performance eye trackers for all research areas with high quality data needs. The new SMI iView 2K platform delivers up to 2000 Hz true binocular tracking and can be deployed in remote, chinrest and MRI modes.

SMI iView 2K will debut at the Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) in San Diego, November 12-16, 2016. Request a demonstration at SMI booth 2906.

SMI iView 2K will serve research fields including perception & cognition, clinical psychology, psycholinguistics and neurology.

SMI iView 2K is truly binocular. Its 1000 Hz sampling speed in remote mode is double that of other high-speed systems on the market and, in chinrest mode, it samples at up to 2000 Hz – a speed other chinrest or tower-based eye trackers can offer only in monocular mode.

“For the specification and development of the new iView 2K platform we left no stone unturned, questioning every assumption about existing high performance eye trackers,” said SMI Product Manager Dr Meike Mischo. “We had intensive conversations with many leading researchers in all major markets about their experiences with current high speed systems.”

“The result is a platform that combines the latest innovations and thinking in computer vision, eye modelling, camera technology, optics, illumination, interface technology and modular and user centered design – delivering ultimate tracking quality for the broadest range of research cases and participants.”

The versatility and ease of this platform means quality results can be obtained faster and more reliably and time saved can be used to reduce effort, publish faster or enhance statistics. The SMI iView 2K works with a broad variety of participant groups – including infants, patients and the elderly – with a new standard of participant comfort and flexible remote study control via tablet. And to meet the growing need for reliable multimodal data acquisition, the SMI iView 2K has synchronization capabilities for seamless integration with MRI and EEG data. Leading stimulus presentation software (MATLAB/PTB, E-Prime, Presentation, Python and Cedrus Superlab) are supported via the SMI SDK.

Used with SMI Experiment Suite Scientific software, SMI iView 2K offers dedicated support for gaze-contingent studies, Visual World paradigm, smooth pursuit and saccade-based research.

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