SMI Gaze Interaction Powers Google Glass Prototype

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), a leader in Eye Tracking Technology for more than two decades, announced today a prototype of SMI Gaze Interaction for Google Glass. It is based on a new eye tracking technology platform powered by Omnivision’s high quality sensor technology and SMI’s iViewNG eye tracking software platform.

The result: SMI Eye Tracking for Smart Glasses enables robust gaze based interaction with the Google Glass head mounted display. Features such as gaze controlled navigation and scrolling deliver the most natural and hands-free user experience possible for a variety of day to day and professional activities.

Watch a video of the SMI Eye Tracking Smart Glasses prototype in action:

The SMI Gaze Interaction technology powering the prototype allows for the integration of small components into all sorts of tiny form factor professional information glasses and consumer Smart Glasses. Low power and performance requirements combined with a fast and simple calibration means users can begin augmenting reality through the intuitive gaze control of the Smart Glasses straight away.

SMI’s leading wearable technology platform adds gaze tracking capabilities which are accurate, drift free and robust in both indoor and outdoor situations.

Key features of the product include hands-free navigation (for functions such as menu selection, picture gallery navigation, automatic text scrolling and map navigation) and enhanced productivity and mobility when paired with voice commands or other interaction modalities. The result is a prototype that offers an efficient, natural, robust experience that can be entirely hands free.

“Recently, we launched the world’s first Eye Tracking upgrade package for the Oculus Rift DK2 HMD,” said Eberhard Schmidt, managing director for SMI. “Now with the Eye Tracking Smart Glasses prototype based on Google Glass we have set the tone for the future of wearable Eye Tracking in many application scenarios. This announcement is further proof that SMI is truly a technology leader when it comes to Eye Tracking innovations.”

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