SMI Eye Tracking Joins Red Bull High Performance Initiative

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), a leading eye tracking technology company, has partnered with Red Bull to develop new approaches to high performance training through the use of cutting edge technologies.

Red Bull selected the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses (ETG) for mobile eye tracking as part of the Red Bull Surf Science Project. The ultimate goal: Rollout this program to other sports to improve performance of pro athletes and novices alike.

In the Surf Science project, SMI collaborated with Red Bull to test especially customized units of waterproof SMI Eye Tracking Glasses under pro surfing conditions on the water. Testing for the project involved Red Bull athletes and members of the Red Bull High Performance Team wearing SMI’s ETG and a wearable computer that captured, in real-time, the surfers’ gaze.

Trainers and sports science experts followed the surfers’ gaze, visual orientation and fixation points through a wireless connection transmitted back to the beach. Eye tracking revealed how surfers are “reading the waves” in order to make decisions and how patterns change under fatigue. The most experienced athletes demonstrated clear gaze pattern prior to initiating a maneuver while less experienced athletes did not show specific focus points.

Watch Eye Tracking Video from Red Bull Surf Science project

“This project really put our SMI Eye Gaze Tracking glasses to the test,” said Eberhard Schmidt, CEO of SMI. “This was the first time eye tracking was used under such tough conditions and we are very impressed with the results. Projects like the Red Bull Surf Science project show the broad range of application opportunities that exist for mobile Eye Tracking devices. We are thrilled to be part of this partnership.”

“The goal of the Red Bull Surf Science project is not to revolutionize the way we approach surfing, or even try to elevate it to the next level,” said Brandon Larson, technologist for the Red Bull High Performance team. “Instead, the objective is to further advance the technology that is being developed, and test it in the harshest conditions possible. If we can get this technology to work and produce credible results, we’ll be able to take key learnings and hopefully improve athlete performance, not only on the water but with other sports as well.”

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