SMI Eye Tracking Glasses Set the Industry Standard for Professional Research and Training

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), has completed the integration of the company’s renowned eye tracking technology for use in slim and lightweight eyeglasses.

Already considered an internationally recognized standard in professional research and training applications, the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses now offer Natural Gaze™ headgear allowing for completely natural subject interaction, full wireless observation and test control in real-world environments.

Proven with more than 100,000 participants, SMI Eye Tracking Glasses are a reliable tool routinely used by leading institutions – Stanford University, Max Planck Institute, Shanghai National University, UCLA -and global players – Google, Microsoft and Sony – to get insights into human computer interaction, sports and professional training, shopper behavior, cognitive science and medicine.

The new Natural Gaze™ design provides maximal peripheral perception and binocular vision—two key features critical for realistic depth perception and natural visual orientation. Beyond this feature, the mobile eye tracking solution comes equipped with full wireless control, live annotations for efficient field use, robust 60Hz binocular tracking technology and a high definition scene camera.

“The SMI eye tracking technology has enabled us to greatly expand our ability to evaluate some of the physiological components affecting commercial airline pilots and air traffic controllers,” said Mark Reisweber, engineering psychologist, Flight Standards for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). “After using the technology for several experiments, which relied heavily upon our ability to track and evaluate pilot scan patterns during critical phases of flight, we are extremely satisfied with the results.”

“SMI Eye Tracking Glasses lead the industry for tested, easy to use and reliable technology,” said Eberhard Schmidt, managing director, SMI. “These capabilities allow for deep insight into human decision making, visual orientation and interaction, information used by the leading players in industry, government and academia.”

Watch videos to see the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses with the new Natural Gaze™ headgear in action:

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