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VR and AR Eye Tracking

SMI’s HMD eye tracking solutions for VR and AR are dedicated tools for immersive research, training and development thanks to real-time gaze information combined with dedicated analysis functionalities.

SMI Eye Tracking HMD based on HTC Vive
Perform immersive, scientific grade research. Gaze information with the Eye Tracking HTC Vive is collected at 250 Hz alongside head and body posture.
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SMI Mobile Eye Tracking HMD based on Samsung Gear VR
Execute professional research in almost any location. 60 Hz eye tracking and an untethered design combine maximum mobility with highest data quality.
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SMI Eye Tracking Upgrade for the Oculus Rift DK 2
Explore new possibilities for gaze interaction in your own applications. 60Hz gaze information is made available through the Unity plugin or our C++ SDK.
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SMI Experiment Suite HMD
Design, deploy and analyze data from immersive experiments with software functionalities especially developed to work with eye tracking virtual reality headsets.
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SMI ETG Virtual Reality Package
Integrate gaze vectors in VR cave environments using 3D shutter lenses and the optical head tracking module for SMI Eye Tracking Glasses.
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