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Software for Eye Tracking

SMI Eye Tracking software for screen-based, immersive and mobile studies takes you efficiently from study design through analysis.

SMI Experiment Suite Scientific
Get ready-for-publication results with SMI’s dedicated eye tracking software. Used with SMI’s screen-based hardware, it constitutes the perfect scientific eye tracking toolset.
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SMI Digital Classroom for Educational Research
Gather large sets of eye tracking data with our multi-station eye tracking and behavioral data collection framework for researchers in educational and learning sciences.
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SMI Mobile Eye Tracking Analysis Software
Find the analysis solution that best suits the studies you conduct with SMI Eye Tracking Glasses.
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SMI Automated Semantic Gaze Mapping
Process studies of any size with the benefit of faster throughput times, and high scalability.
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SMI Experiment Suite HMD
Design, deploy and analyze data from immersive experiments with software functionalities especially developed to work with eye tracking virtual reality headsets.
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SMI REDn Professional Packages for UX
Get support at all stages of usability and human factors research with SMI’s dedicated software and hardware toolset.
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SMI REDn Professional Packages for Market Research
This dedicated eye tracking software and hardware toolset supports you at all stages of screen-based market research.
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