SMI REDn Professional Packages for Market Research

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This dedicated eye tracking software and hardware toolset supports you at all stages of screen-based market research.

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We help you choose the best eye tracking solution for your application field.


Naturally record interaction with website wireframes or other scroll/zoom capable pdf documents. Capture and analyze gaze data of users on dynamic web sites, including pop-ups and flash content. Websites are captured with scroll and position compensation, plus a session screen recording for alternative analysis (for example, of highly active content).

Easy analysis of wireframes and dynamic web ads

Key performance indicators (KPIs) deliver both quantitative and qualitative information on visual behavior and impact. Exporting KPIs as an executive summary provides immediate, customizable reports in just simple clicks. With SMI software you can easily aggregate participants’ data– or investigate their behavior individually at any time of regard.

Simple click executive summaries

Easy and fast creation of experiments containing multiple elements – for example, different package designs – is brought to you by the new Composite Editor feature. Select the visualization that suits you best from a wide array of options provided by SMI.

SMI solutions allow to log and observe participants’ behavioral actions during the experiment, thus drastically reducing analysis time and cost. With the Remote Viewer you can broadcast the experiment on the network and monitor your participants from a distance, without distracting them. The questionnaire tool lets you further augment your data with participants’ responses.