SMI RED250mobile

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Conduct saccade-based studies inside or outside the lab with our portable remote eye tracker @ 250 Hz for researchers who require both mobility and high sampling rate.

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With high tolerance for head motion and vision corrections (glasses and contact lenses), the SMI RED250mobile eye tracker reliably tracks participants of all ages and ethnic backgrounds. Extreme precision and high accuracy provided by a new generation of eye tracking algorithms ensure outstanding data quality.

The lightest in class eye tracker allows you to bring scientific grade eye tracking out of the lab and into the environment familiar to your participants and run experiments in their comfort zone. No extra power supply is required. The unique combination of high mobility and performance of the eye tracker lets you reliably compare language and reading behavior across cultures, conduct research on neurological and psychiatric disorders, or unobtrusively study visual perception wherever your participants are.

Eight TTL inputs allow to reliably synchronize eye tracking data with biometric data sources, such as EEG, either directly, or via a dedicated synchronization hardware such as StimTracker for SMI.

The RED250mobile eye tracker delivers key metrics for demanding eye tracking paradigms such as:
• Saccadic directions, velocity, amplitude
• Antisaccade metrics
• Direction of regressions, backtracks, look-aheads, leading saccades
• Fixation and blink based metrics