SMI iView 2K

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Experience the next generation eye tracking platform with up to 2000 Hz true binocular eye tracking which can be deployed  in remote and chinrest modes.

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This platform is suitable for fields including perception & cognition, psychology, psycholinguistics and neurology among others. It is set to benefit labs with manifold research needs such as:

– Labs working with a broad variety of participant groups (e.g. infants, patients, the elderly)
– Labs working multimodal, e.g. with EEG data
– Labs with users of all experience levels and diverse experiment types

Designed for high-end research in diverse settings

To meet the need for reliable multimodal data acquisition, the SMI iView 2K has synchronization capabilities for seamless integration with EEG data as well as leading stimulus presentation software (MATLAB/PTB, E-Prime, Presentation, Python, Cedrus Superlab…).

SMI iView 2K is truly binocular and utilizes an intelligent 3D eye model. Its 1000 Hz sampling speed – and optional up to 2000 Hz – provides superior data granularity and spatial resolution to meet diverse experimental needs from fixation-based over pupillometry to microsaccade studies. The eye tracker is passively cooled to ensure highest precision data.

Binocular speed up to 2000 Hz

The workflow oriented design of SMI’s high speed eye tracking platform ensures quality results can be obtained faster and more reliably. Flexible calibration routines including animated targets secure participant attention, especially designed to support infant and patient research. Unobtrusive observation via the tablet device enables full study control and diminishes observer effects.

Combined with SMI Experiment Suite Scientific software the system offers dedicated support for gaze-contingent studies, visual world paradigm, smooth pursuit and saccade-based research.

Intuitive setup with control via tablet device and workflow oriented design

With its versatility and ease of use the SMI iView 2K is designed to cover all major use cases with remote and chinrest modes. The system is set to operate at best performance out of the box. The system is supplied with a flexible stand that comes with a dedicated monitor; but allows to mount also other monitors as well as stand-alone configurations. Lightweight components make it easy to move the eye tracker between labs and to wherever they are needed. Setups are easily reproduced through individual user profiles.