SMI Eye Tracking Glasses

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Record a person’s natural gaze behavior in real-time and in real world situations with a sampling rate up to 120 Hz.

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The glasses come with a lightweight SMI ETG 2w smart recorder based on a Samsung Galaxy Note 4. It captures eye gaze data of consumers, athletes, patients and other users allowing them to naturally perform their tasks at hand.

Use lightweight mobile eye tracking in everyday research scenarios

The SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2w have been proven by best-in-class customers with more than 200,000 participants worldwide.

Proven with more than 200,000 participants worldwide.

SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2w eye tracking technology does full six DOF localization and tracking of the human eye with only one camera and a structured IR light projection. One camera needs less the bandwidth and thus the ETG can run much faster in a native sample rate.

The Natural Gaze design of the head gear for SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2w is designed for natural recording of gaze behavior. It provides maximal peripheral and binocular vision – important for realistic depth perception and natural visual orientation. For best and robust fit, the glasses come with flexible temple arms.

Capture natural gaze behavior

With the wireless live capabilities of the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2w, professionals and scientists have full wireless control of a study. From a remote computer or tablet connected via Wi-Fi, operators can collect participant properties, perform a calibration, observe live gaze traces, transmit live audio and add live annotations to a user’s behaviour. For enhanced productivity, annotations can be used in SMI BeGaze powerful analysis software to efficiently focus data analysis on relevant sequences of the recorded data.

Observe and annotate in real-time

The SMI ETG 2w with mobile connectivity and network time synchronization allows for low latency synchronization with EEG, motion tracking, virtual reality and other external data streams – online and offline, with millisecond precision and no compromise on mobility.

Developers can access SMI’s enhanced wearable eye tracking platform and integrate mobile eye tracking data in custom applications and sensor networks. The wireless SDK feeds a real-time stream of gaze, pupil data and eye tracking video into connected applications. Wireless logging of incoming trigger messages supports synchronization with events in other data streams. To facilitate synchronization, SMI plug-ins are available for standard communication protocols such as Lab Streaming Layer or VRPN.

The SMI ETG 2w covers the whole process from study design, participant setup and data recording to efficient analysis. The software interface collects participant properties and questionnaires. Live feedback of calibration and live observation of the recording make it easy to control study progress even with demanding subject groups.

Efficiently workflow through design, setup and recording and analysis

The ETG 2w can be enhanced with a 120 Hz Upgrade and flexible application modules. Corrective lenses include participants with vision impairments, optical head and motion tracking support and snap-on 3D shutter glasses allow for VR studies, and driver machine modules add to human factors research.

Versatile tool with flexible application modules