SMI Trigger Modules

Synchronize reliably using dedicated accessories to send and receive hardware trigger.
Trigger support SMI Eye Tracking - SMI Trigger Module PCI Express Card

Dedicated accessories support hardware trigger

SMI Trigger Modules consists of dedicated hardware accessories for SMI Eye Tracking solutions which enable sending and/or receiving of hardware triggers to reliably synchronize eye tracking data with other biometric data sources, such as EEG.

Accessories include a PCI Express card with parallel port for a wide range of laptops compatible with eye trackers such as the SMI REDn Scientific, the SMI RED250mobile or SMI Eye Tracking Glasses when used with a laptop. A built-in trigger card is available for Tower PCs.

For the smart recorder of SMI Eye Tracking Glasses and for the SMI iView 2K, SMI offers dedicated trigger cables.

To find the best Trigger Module for your SMI Eye Tracking solution, please contact us.