SMI Frame Grabber Hardware Module

Connect external video sources like game consoles.
Eye tracking external video sources- Frame Grabber module for SMI Eye Tracking solutions

Eye tracking on external video content

Instantly increase the quality and efficiency of your gaming or software usability study with the SMI Frame Grabber Hardware Module. The plug&play toolkit allows you to study HD video stimuli from an external device such as a Sony Playstation or Microsoft Xbox  and external software solutions.

Plug and play hardware solution

The hardware solution enables users to collect eye tracking data from an external device without affecting performance (e.g. visual quality/speed of a game). The system is platform independent and VGA, DVI, and HDMI compatible, making it suitable for most game consoles and computers.

Combining it with the flexible setup options of the SMI Remote Eye Tracking solutions enables the display of external video content on large screens (TV) for more realistic user experience.

Dynamic Areas of Interest

Analyze and quantify a subject’s viewing behavior on a screenrecording. Visual cues and key objects are turned into Areas of Interest (AOIs) that move and morph naturally throughout the video. View relevant statistical data for each AOI in text bubbles using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

With KPIs, game designers, for example, can quickly and efficiently determine which functions and objects were noticed, in what order, and for how long. This way, eye tracking enables them to replace and redesign key elements for better effectiveness in the game flow.