SMI Emotiv EPOC EEG Software Module

Combine eye tracking and brain response data.
SMI Eye Tracking and Emotiv EPOC EEG in SMI BeGaze eye tracking analysis software

Neuro-visual insights into engagement

The SMI Emotiv EEG EPOC software module synchronizes eye movements captured with SMI Eye Tracking Glasses and SMI Remote Eye Tracking and brain response data recorded with the wireless Emotiv EPOC EEG Neuroheadset all in one common interface.

Fully integrated turn-key solution for recording and analysis

It is a fully integrated turn-key solution for recording and analysis which automatically synchronizes both data streams and gives insights into attention and engagement of users in real-world environments.

Data synchronization and aggregation in one common interface

An integrated user interface of the SMI iViewETG and SMI Experiment Suite eye tracking software allows for real-time visualization of both eye tracking and EPOC EEG data and for real-time analysis of the data streams synchronized to a common timestamp.

The SMI BeGaze analysis software shows individual patterns of attention along with the corresponding emotional states. 

Findings can be visualized by creating heatmaps of eye movement data together with presentations of the dynamic emotion measures calculated by the Emotiv Affectiv™ Suite. The software also allows for export of eye tracking measures together with synchronized raw EPOC EEG streams.

Flyer Emotiv EPOC EEG Module for remote eye tracking

Flyer Emotiv EPOC EEG Module for mobile eye tracking