SMI Optical Head Tracking Module

Enhance SMI Eye Tracking Glasses with real-time head and motion tracking support via VRPN.
Optical head tracking support SMI Eye Tracking Glasses- 6D head tracking coordinates

6D Head and Motion Tracking support

The leader in optical tracking, Advanced Realtime Tracking GmbH (A.R.T.) provides the retro reflective markers for the SMI magnetic snap-on targets which are placed on the glasses in order to measure the position and orientation of the wearer´s head within a defined space.

The result: 6D gaze vectors on objects are calculated automatically and virtual content can be presented in real-time dependent on the gaze interaction of the user with the environment.

VRPN interface

Virtual-Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN) is a unified interface to input devices in virtual reality applications. Via the VRPN standard, the SMI Optical Head Tracking package supports leading head and motion tracking technologies such as A.R.T., Microsoft Kinect, OptiTrack, Qualisys, Vicon and WorldViz.