SMI Corrective Lenses Snap-on Module

Cover the maximum user population with snap-on lenses for vision correction.

Magnetic snap-on attachable within seconds  

With the magnetic snap-on technology, it only takes seconds to fit the corrective lenses to the SMI ETG 2w.

Fits above insertable sun and infrared filter

The vision correction can be used in indoor and outdoor conditions as the corrective lenses fit above the transparent infrared filter and the UV sun shields for SMI Eye Tracking Glasses.

Refractive correction: +4 to -4 diopter

The correction glasses are available in 0.5 steps ranging from -4 diopter for shortsightedness correction to +4 diopter for longsightedness correction. The module consists of separate lenses for left and right eye allowing to separately adjust the focus and to compensate for differences between both eyes. The corrective glasses offer refractive correction (no cylindric correction) but participants with astigmatism will still benefit from the correction of focus.

Flyer SMI Eye Tracking Glasses Corrective Lenses