SMI 3D Stereoscopic Vision Module

Add 3D stereoscopic vision to SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2 for a realistic 3D user experience.
3D eye tracking glasses

Volfoni’s ActiveEyeTM shutter technology

For realistic 3D experience and full immersion into the virtual environment, active 3D shutter glasses based on Volfoni’s ActiveEyeTM technology are integrated with SMI Eye Tracking Glasses. ActivEyes™ is the world’s first universal 3D eyewear, adapted for all types of 3D displays. The 3D shutter technology is an easy snap-on module for SMI Eye Tracking Glasses which can easily be removed for studies not requiring the use of stereoscopic vision.

Optical head and motion tracking

Combined with SMI`s Optical Head Tracking module, the SMI 3D Stereoscopic Vision module is a milestone for applications in CAVEs and other virtual environments, e.g. for real-time gaze interaction with virtual avatars and 3D gaming applications.