SMI ETG 120 Hz Upgrade Module

Speed up to native, binocular 120 Hz eye tracking.

Native, binocular 120 Hz eye tracking

The SMI 120 Hz Upgrade module speeds up the native, binocular eye tracking of SMI Eye Tracking Glasses to a temporal resolution of 120 Hz over the entire trackable field of view. The main benefit is enhanced eye tracking raw data wherever the wearer of the glasses is looking. The enhanced 120 Hz eye tracking mode improves core functionalities important for scientific research.

More precise event detection

Thanks to the higher temporal resolution of the data samples, the onset and duration of an event can be determined more precisely. The higher sampling rate provides better knowledge about signal parameters and improves the SMI event detection, thus helping to detect events such as very short fixations.

Low latency synchronization

The 120 Hz Upgrade module reduces the latency and provides a higher data frequency. Therefore, eye tracking samples can be synchronized more precisely with other data streams such as EEG, motion tracking, virtual reality.