SMI Cognitive Workload Software Module

Combine the Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) with SMI Eye Tracking data in SMI software.

Measure cognitive workload

The ICA module allows to measure the level of user effort e.g. in training, driving or critical control tasks. In combination with SMI Eye Tracking analysis options, the ICA reveals when cognitive workload increases and which visual information triggers this effect in order to:

  • Measure the level of task difficulty
  • Identify aspects in tasks that require high workload
  • Analyze how workload differs between user groups (e.g. novices and experts)
  • Use the ICA as a basis to optimize training material and to refine interfaces

The patented Index of Cognitive Activity

The patented Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) developed by EyeTracking, Inc. results from research by EyeTracking, Inc. founders and uses data on pupil dilation for an estimate of mental effort.

Automatically calculate the ICA in SMI BeGaze

SMI BeGazeTM analysis software uses pre-recorded SMI Eye Tracking data to calculate and synchronize the ICA dataset with one mouse click. Prerequisite is a valid license for EyeTracking, Inc.’s workload RT server which must be installed and running in the background. In BeGaze, you can combine the ICA with a broad range of eye tracking analysis options. ICA data can be exported as an overlay over eye tracking visualizations and as statistical data.