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Eye Tracking for Virtual and Augmented Reality

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Discover how SMI Eye Tracking is transforming virtual reality and augmented reality to benefit scientific research and corporate users.

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We help you choose the best eye tracking solution for your application field.


Augmented Reality
Eye tracking for AR glasses powers adaptive learning systems which display information based on the visual focus of the user.
VR and AR Development
Get eye tracking into interactive VR and AR scenarios by combining live gaze information with popular engines such as Unity, Unreal and WorldViz Vizard.
VR Market Research
Evaluate communication concepts and product designs cost efficiently at an early stage while easily replicating your study worldwide.
VR Training
Analyze perception as the key trigger for motor tasks, which makes eye tracking a valuable addition to VR training in industry, sports and emergency settings.
Scientific VR and Immersive Research
Study perception, orientation, decision-making and performance in fully controlled, immersive environments.