Workshop at AFLiCo 7: Using eye-tracking technology in the linguistic research

The application of eye tracking as a methodological paradigm in the linguistic research enables researchers to accurately assess linguistic complexity and cognitive processes in language processing and development.



The purpose of the workshop is to provide attendees with a set of guidelines on how to setup a study with remote, mobile and high-performance eye tracking paradigms in linguistics research. We will learn what parameters we should pay particular attention to when designing a study and how advanced eye tracking statistics – from fixation-based metrics, pupillometry to saccade- and microsaccade-based measures in combination with other sensors (e.g., EEG, GSR) can enhance and strengthen findings.

The theoretical part of the workshop will intersect with hands-on session on the eye tracking devices and with several case studies to explain the application of eye tracking technology and metrics in the research context of reading studies, spoken language, cognitive and developmental linguistics.


May 31, 2017 10:00 - 13:00

Liège, BE


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