SMI offers a range of tools to integration eye tracking with other modalities and leading partner solutions.

SMI plug&play modules

With SMI plug&play modules for SMI Experiment Suite software, Emotiv EPOC EEG data and the Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) by Eye Tracking, Inc. are automatically synchronized with SMI Eye Tracking for easy analysis in SMI BeGaze software.

TTL trigger and messages from SMI software

SMI solutions support the sending, receiving and logging of up to eight TTL trigger and of flexible software messages in parallel. This allows for online and offline synchronization of SMI Eye Tracking with other data streams in external software, e.g. in the EYE-EEG plug-in for EEGLAB.

SMI Software Development Kit

All SMI Eye Tracking systems come with a Software Development Kit (SDK) for real-time access of eye movement and pupil size data. The SMI SDK contains an API consisting of several high-level and low-level functions as well as ready-to-go sample code (e.g. for C/C++, C#, Matlab, Python, Unity).

StimTracker for SMI hardware

Timing in the submillisecond precision range can be achieved with the StimTracker for SMI by Cedrus Corporation. The device sets common time stamps  for connected physiological devices which makes it an excellent multichannel synchronization tool.

Lab Streaming Layer plug-ins for SMI

The Lab Streaming Layer (LSL) offers plug-ins for many biometric, motion tracking and human interface devices. With the tested LSL plug-ins for SMI, researchers can integrate SMI Eye Tracking data in challenging multimodal experiments and brain computer interfaces.

SMI VRPN interface

A special module allows to combine SMI Eye Tracking Glasses with leading head and motion tracking solutions  via the Virtual Reality Peripheral Network (VRPN) standard.

Partner plug-ins

To facilitate the use of SMI Eye Tracking with partner solutions, SMI worked with partners to implement plug-ins in partner software (Biopac, Brain Products, g.tec, Qualisys, WorldViz…)