Remote Eye Tracking Platform for Desktop and Mobile Devices

The new generation of SMI RED-oem Eye Tracking for consumer and industrial OEMs will change how people use their tablets, laptops and desktop PCs for professional applications, consumer computing and gaming.

Ultra-small OEM eye tracking platform

The SMI RED-oem is a miniaturized, high-performance remote eye tracking platform that allows OEM customers to integrate eye tracking technology with their own applications. The SMI RED-oem includes hardware components with camera and illumination, gaze tracking software and a powerful Software Development Kit (SMI SDK) for gaze interaction or gaze analytics. With only 8mm thickness, the RED-oem hardware components can be integrated into almost any device such as tablets, laptops and monitors or can been used as an externally attached eye tracking accessory.

Contact-free data acquisition

The SMI RED-oem allows for contact-free acquisition of binocular gaze data, 3D eye and head position and pupil diameter in an easy and efficient way. The SMI RED-oem head movement compensation allows for large freedom of movement. The system utilizes a large working area with high quality gaze and pupil data to ensure accurate and reliable results.

High performance and robustness

Derived from two decades of experience, the SMI RED-oem covers a wide range of performance parameters with unprecedented accuracy and precision. The system is designed for a wide range of users and applications where robustness is important regardless of eye color, age, glasses, contacts and environmental conditions.

Powerful real-time API/SDK, easy integration

The SMI RED-oem comes with a real-time API and SDK with sample code for popular programming languages like C/C++, C#, Python, MATLAB and Unity. Flexible options allow for a full custom integration of the electronics components or, fast and efficient implementation by using SMIs integrated reference design module.

Trusted platform used by leading industrial companies

SMI remote eye tracking is used by leading vision testing, consumer electronics and augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Intel, Converus, RightEye, Prentke Romich and Visual Interaction. During the All Access launch event for its PlayStation 4, Sony gave an exclusive inside look at their Magic Lab, where the use of eye tracking in PS4 games has been demonstrated.

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