SMI RED-n Remote Eye Tracking

The SMI RED-n is a robust and affordable eye control technology for OEMs, for professional use, computing and gaming.

SMI RED-n Consumer Eye Control Technology

The SMI RED-n Eye Tracking brings robust, accurate and precise eye tracking technology with unprecedented small format factor at a mass market price to OEMs and consumer applications. It will change how people control their tablets, laptops and desktop PCs and how they play and experience the next generation of video games.

SMI’s product development team has listened carefully to SMI’s best in class OEM partners who use SMI eye tracking technology along with gaming, computer hardware, assistive devices and professional applications. As a result, the SMI RED-n opens up new ways for people to use eye control in their daily tasks - truly natural and productive.

SMI RED-n Platform

The next-generation algorithms of the SMI RED-n deliver unprecedented robustness and highest accuracy for monitor sizes up to 28”, and free head movements in a range more than four times larger compared to the current market available technology.

With only 8mm thickness, the RED-n hardware components can be integrated into almost any device such as tablets, laptops and monitors or can been used as an externally attached eye tracking accessory.