SMI OEM Eye Tracking Platform

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NEWSMI Virtual Reality Eye Tracking

Most robust foveated rendering boosts performance for mobile and PC-based VR

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SMI Augmented Reality Eye Tracking

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SMI Remote Eye Tracking

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OEM Eye Tracking and Gaze Control

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Eye Control Experience with SMI Eye Tracking Technology for OEMs

OEM eye tracking platform for all display formats

SMI offers a complete mass-market-ready eye tracking platform with reference designs for the full spectrum of personal computing. The platform is based on more than two decades of eye tracking experience and is ready for integration by consumer technology and industrial OEMs. Omnivision’s leading sensor technology contributes to mass market cost level, seamless integration into existing designs, and smallest form factor.

Designs for desktop, mobile and wearable AR/VR

Several reference designs are available for seamless integration of eye tracking into consumer tablets, laptops, desktop computers, Virtual Reality HMDs, Augmented Reality HMDs, and other smart glasses.

Eye tracking and foveated rendering boost performance

SMI’s leading robust, accurate and low latency eye tracking technology enables foveated rendering for mobile and PC-based VR and has been tested and declared a success by leading VR experts. It involves rendering to full resolution only the part of an image that the eye is directly looking at in the VR headset, thus improving performance and leading to a better VR experience.

Hands-free gaze-based interaction

The integration of gaze interaction with user interfaces is truly game-changing for how we experience and use digital devices. Eye gaze tracking allows for natural and private hands-free interaction or it can be integrated with other modalities for more efficiency and safety in mobile environments.

Attentive and perceptual user interfaces

Measuring attention enables attentive, context-aware user interfaces to anticipate user needs and to optimize information processing and presentation. Attentive interfaces provide personalized digital content on demand, and give a better understanding of user behavior. Perceptual interfaces increase user efficiency and combine optimized information processing with more fun.

Eye tracking is indispensible and game-changing

In Augmented Reality applications, eye tracking enables personalized 3D visualization, individual alignment of augmented overlays on stereoscopic see-through displays with the real world, and it enhances the user interface with gaze based activation, selection, and interaction.

In Virtual Reality applications, gaze interaction enables natural user interaction and personal display calibration based on eye postions contributes to optimized use of visualization and rendering resources. The use of low latency gaze data in foveated rendering optimizes visualization and the assignment of processing resources. Natural avatar gaze enables emotionally enhanced social presence and interaction in virtual spaces.

Wide range of application fields

The performance range, the flexible hardware integration options, and the powerful SMI Software Developer Kit (SDK) enable customers to easily integrate the SMI OEM Eye Tracking Platform into fields such as gaming, training, automotive, mobile devices, kiosk applications, and many more.

Proven eye tracking technology

With more than two decades of experience with OEMs and globally renowned research institutes, SMI Eye Tracking Technology has been used by more than 5 million users under the broadest range of conditions. This is complemented by a track record of more than 20 successful eye tracking integrations into commercial OEM devices. The latest eye tracking platform is proven with 100k+ users and SMI’s Oculus Rift DK2 eye tracking upgrade is a gold standard for HMDs.

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Hugo Swart, senior director, product management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.:

“Eye tracking is an important technology for the future of VR, as it can potentially improve immersion through more intuitive interactions and visual quality enhancements when paired with Snapdragon processors. Eye tracking has a roadmap of benefits in mobile and standalone VR headsets.”

Cyril Tuschi, the Founder of You-VR Labs:

“With the SMI Social Eye we will be able to depict far more detailed and directional human eyes which are, as we know, the windows to the soul. SMI Social Eye is set to transform non–verbal communication in virtual worlds.”

Dr David Luebke, Vice President of Research, NVIDIA:

“The quality of the physical integration, and especially the quality of the eye tracking data that SMI delivers, has been key to the development of our perceptually-based foveated rendering techniques. The demonstration wouldn’t be possible without our partners at SMI, who have added their eye tracking to the HTV Vive we are using in this demo.”

Eli Glikman, Chief Product Officer at Lumus Ltd:

“Lumus is always looking for innovative ways to improve the AR experience. Beyond further breakthroughs in our waveguide technology, working with partners like SMI on integrating their market-leading eye-tracking solution is a perfect example of the type of cooperation between two leading innovators that can push the needle further toward mass adoption of augmented reality.”

Will Foote, OmniVision’s partnership manager:

“As the demand for VR and AR headsets increases rapidly, not only for gaming devices but also for professional, enterprise, academic and wider consumer applications, the availability of intuitive, hands-free user interfaces can become critical. We are excited to work alongside SMI, an industry leader of nearly 25 years, and help shape the future of this rapidly growing market segment.”

Peter Schlueer, President of WorldViz:

“SMI has really done a great job in bringing their proven wearable eye tracking technology to virtual reality headsets. SMI’s unique HMD Eye Tracking integration is robust to be used in everyday research and training with many different users. The added value of SMI’s eye tracking combined with the ease of use of this integration will make many perception researchers as well as operational safety instructors and other professionals turn to VR.”

Adam Gross, co-founder and CEO of RightEye LLC:

“The successful launch of RightEye's first series of vision tests is critical to our future success and our ability to change the way the world approaches vision care. We have included SMI in our first product series because they can deliver the exact kind of high-speed, high-quality and contact-free eye tracker required to ensure our solution is highly accurate and meets the needs of health care providers and their patients.”

Yuval Boger, CEO of Sensics, founding contributor to OSVR:

“Eye tracking has huge potential to enhance natural interaction with VR content. SMI products provide excellent out-of-the-box experience and we are glad to collaborate with them in building the OSVR SMI plug-in, providing a standards-based eye tracking interface to game developers.”

Philip Rosedale, Inventor, Founder High Fidelity & Second Life:

“We need life-like avatars to convincingly recreate real-world interactions in VR such as talking, shaking hands or looking at each other. The SMI Eye Tracking Upgrade for the Oculus Rift DK2 is capable of fast, accurate tracking of the eye. At High Fidelity, we used this hardware to add real eye movements to our avatars and the experience of making eye contact with another person in a virtual space is remarkable.”

Eric Romo, founder and CEO, AltSpaceVR:

“SMI's world-leading wearable eye tracking technology could transform the way we interact in VR and with computers in general. By tracking eye movement and then reflecting that on your avatar, you can truly make eye contact in a virtual space for the first time from thousands of miles away. Natural communication is a key part of the AltspaceVR experience and the addition of eye tracking is huge.”

Pete Wassell, CEO and Co-Founder of Augmate:

“I believe that eye-tracking is one of the last remaining critical interaction mechanisms that will enable digital eyewear to be intuitive for end users and SMI is the clear leader in this space.”

Chris Yiu, Senior Strategic Marketing Manager at OmniVision:

“SMI’s eye tracking technology is extremely robust across a wide range of applications operating in dramatically different lighting. This is critical in bringing eye tracking out of controlled environments to mass market use.”

Eric Larsen, Sony Magic Lab:

“Recently at GDC, we showed a tech demo version of Infamous: Second Son that we modified to use SMI gaze-tracking hardware and technology, and it was very well-received.”

Todd Mickelsen, CEO and President of Converus:

“The exceptional data quality of SMI’s RED-oem eye tracker empowers EyeDetect to be an efficient, cost-effective and reliable deception detection tool for noninvasive screening of different subject groups in large enterprises, governmental institutions and law enforcement agencies.”

David Moffatt, President and CEO of Prentke Romich Company (PRC):

“The team at SMI worked closely with our engineering and product development staff and end users to create a solution that fits the needs of our clients and our business. The result is the integration of an accurate and highly reliable eye-gaze system into our Accent 1200 device. This solution will improve the lives of many individuals with disabilities.”

Martin Smekal, President and CEO of TabletKiosk:

“We are excited to partner with SMI to announce the Sahara EyeSlate™ Tablet PC with eye tracking technology. As a specialty hardware manufacturer, TabletKiosk strives to align itself with cutting edge technology partners like SMI to jointly create customized and purpose-based hardware computing solutions.”


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