SMI Eye Tracking for Smart Glasses

Natural, hands-free user experience with robust gaze based interaction

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SMI Eye Tracking HMD Upgrade

Benefits of applications in head-mounted displays

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Robust and affordable eye control technology for OEMs, for professional use, computing and gaming

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Eye Tracking and Gaze Control by SMI

For leading global brands

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Eye Control Experience with SMI Eye Tracking Technology for Leading OEMs

A new user experience for games, consumer and industrial applications

Using your eyes to interact with games, consumer and industrial applications creates entirely new user experiences. Tablets and laptops can be controlled with your eyes. Eye-controlled games react to gaze. Educational multimedia applications use gaze interaction to adapt content to your visual interests and facilitate learning. And security and industrial applications that monitor your focus of attention improve critical safety tasks and productivity.

Leading brands rely on SMI OEM gaze interaction

Leading brands are testing the integration of SMI Eye Tracking into their devices and applications. Sony’s Magic Lab is currently looking into the use of gaze interaction for PS4 games using SMI’s remote eye tracking technology. And with the integration of SMI Eye Tracking into the Unity engine, SMI further extends its gaze interaction platform.

SMI consumer grade eye tracking platforms

The SMI RED-n is a miniaturized, high-performance remote eye tracking platform, that allows OEM customers to integrate eye tracking technology with their own applications. The SMI platform includes hardware components with camera and illumination, gaze tracking software and a powerful Software Development Kit (SMI SDK) for gaze interaction and gaze analytics.

SMI's mobile eye tracking platform is based on the technology of SMI Eye Tracking Glasses. The platform can be flexibly adapted to the needs of OEM customers and integrated with other hardware such as head-mounted displays and smart glasses.

To pave the way for eye tracking in a wide range of consumer and professional applications, SMI has partnered with OmniVision combining OmniVision’s high-quality imaging solutions and SMI Eye Tracking technology.

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Eric Larsen, Sony Magic Lab:

“Recently at GDC, we showed a tech demo version of Infamous: Second Son that we modified to use SMI gaze-tracking hardware and technology, and it was very well-received.”

Todd Mickelsen, CEO and President of Converus:

“The exceptional data quality of SMI’s RED-oem eye tracker empowers EyeDetect to be an efficient, cost-effective and reliable deception detection tool for noninvasive screening of different subject groups in large enterprises, governmental institutions and law enforcement agencies.”

David Moffatt, President and CEO of Prentke Romich Company (PRC):

“The team at SMI worked closely with our engineering and product development staff and end users to create a solution that fits the needs of our clients and our business. The result is the integration of an accurate and highly reliable eye-gaze system into our Accent 1200 device. This solution will improve the lives of many individuals with disabilities.”

Martin Smekal, President and CEO of TabletKiosk:

““We are excited to partner with SMI to announce the Sahara EyeSlate™ Tablet PC with eye tracking technology. As a specialty hardware manufacturer, TabletKiosk strives to align itself with cutting edge technology partners like SMI to jointly create customized and purpose-based hardware computing solutions."”

Martin Dechant, Game Developer Sophia:

“I have tested Sophia with experienced gamers and feedback was very positive. Overall, they thought gaze interaction was really cool. The gaze interaction elements smoothly integrate into the flow of the game.””


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