SMI provides image-processing solutions, backed by our expertise throughout the entire development and production process. Our team of experts will customize proven or novel SMI technologies to optimally meet the needs of our customers.

The SMI team is composed of experts best equipped to deal with your complex solution challenges, including:

  • Hardware technical challenges, such as illumination, optics, camera sensor, electronic design, high-bandwidth imaging with dedicated FPGA design or dedicated video processors;
  • Software technical challenges, for example, software architecture, software design, image processing algorithms, usability testing;
  • Quality challenges, such as verification and validation, risk analysis, process documentation, product maintenance and service, regulatory processes for medical products in Europe (CE) as well as in the US domain (FDA);
  • General challenges, e.g., international project management, transparent project planning, long-term supply chain management for delivering product life cycles from 5 to 10 years.

Over the last 15 years, SMI has been developing a comprehensive program of industrial components that can be customized for use in practically any conceivable application. Please refer to the sample selection of current technologies in this section.