SMI eye tracking roadshow

Register to enjoy a demo of the latest SMI eye tracking
products during our series of roadshow events
- with hands-on session.

Hands-on EVENTS

During the hands-on events hosted by experienced eye tracking researchers, we will present the latest SMI product solutions including:

  • SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2w - the next generation of our 60Hz wearable eye tracking-now with full wireless control
  • SMI RED500 - world`s first 500Hz binocular remote eye tracking device 
  • SMI RED-m - world’s smallest high performance eye tracking lab for research applications
  • SMI Experiment Suite 360° - eye tracking software for intuitive study design and meaningful analysis of eye tracking data

After the presentation, you will have the opportunity for practical testing and for individual discussions with fellow researchers.

AGENDA Next Events

  • Introduction to SMI
  • Latest trends in eye tracking technology
  • Use Cases incl. "shopper research", "web design", "handheld devices", "sports" and others
  • Hands-on testing with Experiment Suite software and discussion

Registration for Events

Our events are free of charge but registration is required to attend! Seats are limited! Please register via the links on the sidebar of this page!

We will soon publish more workshop dates in different cities. You will receive detailled information on the location upon registration. Would you like to be informed on upcoming events?

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Roadshow Dates 2015


Roadshow stops 2015 in planning. Stay tuned! 

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What Participants Say

Dr. Uwe Zehl, University of Leipzig

"For researchers already working with eye tracking systems, the SMI event was a good opportunity to exchange ideas and to contribute their experiences to the discussion. I would appreciate if this series of events continued."

Prof. Dr. Bruno Laeng, University of Oslo, Department of Psychology

"I believe the new equipment was presented in a very engaging and effective manner. The audience had no doubts about the innovative aspects of the SMI Eye Tracking Glasses over previous types of equipments (whether by SMI or other companies). The presentation also covered the types of uses that are relevant for psychologists, in particular the fact that it can be used effectively with children."