Rental & Lease Models

We at SMI naturally wish to see our range of products in operation at as many sites as possible around the world. Seeing is believing – when people observe for themselves the wide ranging areas of application for eye and gaze tracking, they will be prompted to consider it in their own line of work or research.

This is why we are eager to make it as easy as possible for our customers to acquire our equipment, especially where bulk orders are involved.


SMI offers a comprehensive rental package for RED systems, including experimental design as well as analysis and visualization software (Experiment Suite 360°). No intransparent payment models, no pay-per-use, no long-term commitment.

You specify system quantity, duration of rent , level of support ... and off we go. Flat rental price provides maximum transparency for your budget planning.

Contact us with regard to our rental plans for industrial and corporate customers. Simply outline your requirements and the amount of equipment you intend renting.

In the first instance, please contact SMI via request form.