SMI Software Development KIT (SDK)

  • Integration of SMI iView X™ eye tracking systems with popular stimulus environments and custom applications
  • API with high-level and low-level functions and sample code
  • Access to real-time data and tracking status visualizations
  • Built-in calibration and validation

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Get access to the SMI iView X eye tracking interfaces

The SMI iView X™ Software Development Kit (SMI SDK) allows integration of the SMI iView X™ systems with popular stimulus software (e.g. MATLAB, PST E-Prime®, Python, NBS Presentation®) and custom applications written e.g. in C/C++ and .NET.
The SMI SDK enables these applications to easily remote-control the eye tracker and receive real-time data from the eye tracker by using the network-based communication interface of the iView X™ system.

High and low level functions with sample code

The SMI SDK contains an Application Programming Interface (API) consisting of several high-level functions (e.g. “calibration” and “tracking visualization”) and low-level functions (e.g. “get data”).

The extensive user manual provides a detailed description of more than 30 functions and ready-to-go sample code for a constantly increasing number of stimulus software products and programming languages.

Remote-control and synchronization

The SMI SDK allows a stimulus software or custom application to remote-control and to synchronize with an iView X™ eye tracking system:

  • Calibrate/validate the eye tracking system including visualization of the results
  • Start/stop the experiment, and store the recorded eye data and separate trials
  • Synchronize with the stimulus software through real- time messages

Access to real-time data and visualizations

The SMI SDK provides access to real-time eye data and online tracking status information, thus supporting the implementation of gaze-controlled applications and gaze-contingent paradigms:

  • Real-time binocular gaze data, pupil diameter, online fixation events
  • Low latency of eye data transfer
  • Online tracking monitor and live view of the eye image (for selected devices) 

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