SMI Eye Tracking Connected

Connect eye tracking with leading partner solutions for multimodal research in the lab, virtual and real world

Connecting Leading Partner Solutions for a Broad Range of Applications

SMI Eye Tracking Connected helps you integrate SMI Eye Tracking with leading partners in fields ranging from multimodal cognition research to virtual reality.

Connect SMI Eye Tracking with EEG, NIRS, GSR, HR, motion tracking and other biometric data, with VR engines as well as stimulus and analysis software:

  • Anaylsis software
    (incl. Matlab, Noldus Observer, R, SPSS, ...)
  • Biometric systems
    (incl. AD Instruments, Biopac, NIRx, Mindware, ...)
  • EEG systems
    (incl. Brain Products, g.tec, Neuroscan, ...)
  • Motion tracking solutions
    (incl. ART, Qualisys, Vicon, WorldViz, ...)
  • Open source tools / languages
    (incl. EYE-EEG plug-in for EEGLAB, Lab Streaming Layer, Python, Translog, ...)
  • Stimulus presentation software
    (incl. NBS Presentation, PST E-Prime, PsychoPy, ...)
  • Virtual reality engines
    (incl. TechViz, Unity, WorldViz, ...)

Tailored Tools and Protocols for Online and Offline Synchronization

SMI Eye Tracking Connected supports a range of synchronization protocols and tools such as LSL, VRPN, the SMI SDK, TTL trigger and StimTracker for SMI hardware. This allows for online and offline data synchronization tailored to your demand – from out of the box solutions to solutions for tight timing requirements.

  • SMI plug&play modules in Experiment Suite software
  • TTL trigger and messages from SMI software
  • SMI Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • StimTracker for SMI hardware
  • Lab Streaming Layer plug-ins for SMI
  • SMI VRPN interface
  • Partner plug-ins

Flexible Integration Options of SMI’s Mobile and Remote Solutions

Extend your set of methods with the flexible integration options of SMI’s mobile and remote eye tracking solutions - for multimodal designs in lab, real-life and virtual environments.

SMI solutions come with several data output options as well as support for TTL trigger and flexible software messages. Latency of SMI Eye Tracking systems has been extensively tested, providing reliable performance measures.


For more options based on your specific requirements, please contact SMI.