SMI REDn Professional Packages for usability Research

The SMI REDn Professional package is a dedicated eye tracking software and hardware toolset that supports you at all stages of usability and human factors research. The package includes the brand new REDn Professional contact-free eye tracker.


  • Multiple video elements
  • Natural PDF interaction
  • Flexible stimulus lists
  • Powerful export workflow

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Improve information architecture and design of interfaces easily

Eye tracking is an essential tool for studying usability of interfaces without interrupting the participant. SMI Eye Tracking helps you quickly create meaningful reports and convince your stakeholders. Improve usability of:

  • Static and dynamic websites
  • Software
  • Wireframe prototypes
  • Video games

SMI REDn Professional is a dedicated eye tracking software and hardware toolset that supports you at all stages of usability research. It delivers you the key performance indicators that you need in just simple clicks. A broad range of extension modules lets you augment studies and reports with a wide range of behavioral performance and biometrical data, such as EEG, or cognitive workload.

Analyze users’ actions unobtrusively

SMI solutions allow to log and observe users’ behavioral actions during the experiment, such as  task completion or errors made. This helps to drastically reduce analysis time and cost. With the Remote Viewer you can broadcast the experiment on the network and monitor your users from a distance, without distracting them. The versatile Questionnaire tool lets you further enhance your data with participants’ own responses.

Get Simple click executive summaries for prompt reporting

Key performance indicators (KPIs) deliver both quantitative and qualitative information on visual behavior and impact. Exporting KPIs as an executive summary provides immediate, customizable reports in just simple clicks. Present your findings in a convincing way with heatmaps , scanpaths, and many other visualization options provided by SMI. SMI REDn Professional solutions let you easily aggregate participants' data – or investigate their behavior individually at any time of regard.

Test wireframes and dynamic web content quickly

Naturally record interaction with website wireframes or other scroll/zoom capable pdfs. Capture and analyze gaze data of  users on dynamic web sites - including pop-ups and flash content. Websites are captured with scroll and position compensation, plus as session screen recording for alternative analysis (e.g. of highly interactive content).

SMI REDn Professional REMOTE Eye Tracker

Easy-to-use portable remote eye tracker optimized for large scale studies

New SMI REDn remote eye tracker is an ultra-light, USB 3.0 powered, fully portable eye tracking device. The plug-and-play design enables professionals to set up a study efficiently anywhere.

Automatically guided setup and calibration drastically reduce preparation time, and the large head box together with advanced eye tracking algorithms ensure unmatched robustness. This makes it a perfect tool for studies involving a large number of participants. With 60 Hz sampling rate the REDn eye tracker delivers reliable information on all key metrics, such as fixation count and duration.

Flexible SMI REDn Professional packageS

REDn Professional is ideally suited for qualitative research, providing you a wide range of visualization options, such as a heatmaps and scanpaths.

REDn Professional Premium Edition adds comprehensive quantitative analytics also suited for larger sample sizes, giving you Key Performance Indicators and AOI statistics.


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