World’s smallest high performance eye tracking lab

Small and Portable

The SMI RED-m remote eye tracker is an ultra-light, USB only powered, fully portable eye-tracking lab by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI). It is designed for eye tracking researchers who require maximum mobility and flexibility combined with reliable data and the comprehensive set of features and metrics of a scientific grade eye tracker.

The plug and play design enables researchers to set up an eye tracking study wherever participants are: Take the portable eye tracking lab to a customer’s site, conduct research in clinical environments, test interactive learning technologies at educational institutes and conduct in-home research.

Flexible and easy setup

The SMI RED-m eye-tracking system allows for several different setups in lab or real-life environments: With a magnetic snap-on technology it can be attached to a desktop PC monitor.  Alternatively, the balanced design with rubber feet snuggly positions the SMI RED-m eye tracker on a personal laptop.


  • Remote, contact-free setup for eye movement studies
  • Binocular gaze & pupil data
  • For monitor, tablet & laptop (from 10"- 22")
  • Free head movement (32cmx21cm at 60cm distance)
  • Operating distance: 50cm - 75cm
  • High Accuracy: 0.5°
  • Spacial Resolution (RMS): 0.1°
  • Sampling rate: 60Hz and 120Hz
  • Latency: <20ms at 60Hz
  • Variable calibration modes: 2,5,9 points
  • Fast & automatic calibration: <3 sec (2 point) 
  • Works with most glasses and contact lenses
  • Free of charge API/SDK
  • Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 24cm x 2.5cm x 3.3cm
  • Weight: 130 g (incl. USB cable)


Neuroscience – eyetracking and the brain (more)

Psychology, Psychiatry & Psycholinguistics – eye movement analysis for studying human behavior (more)

Usability, Human Factors and Ergonomics – eye movement tests for optimizing the interaction (more)

Market Research – understand consumer behavior and reaching the consumer (more)

Gaze Based Interaction – Your look turned into action (more)

High Data Quality

The SMI RED-m eye-tracking system uses automatic eye tracking and head movement compensation, utilizing a large working area with high quality gaze and pupil data to ensure accurate and reliable results. Ready to go - with complete software solution

The eye tracking system is designed for a wide range of participants and applications where robustness is important regardless of eye color, age, glasses, contacts, environmental conditions etc.

Ready to go - with complete software solution

Combined with SMI Experiment Suite ™ 360°software for experimental design and analysis, the system is a ready-to-go portable eye tracking lab solution. The fully automatic calibration takes only seconds and maintains drift-free accuracy. Flexible calibration options address experiment requirements, including 2-point, child-friendly versions.

All results easy to get

The SMI RED-m eye-tracking lab collects all relevant eye data and allows for fast and accurate control and analysis:

  • Measure gaze position on surfaces (e.g. Laptop or Desktop Monitor) in screen pixels
  • Measure pupil size in millimeters
  • Measure 3D head / eye position in millimeters
  • Export recorded data to ASCIII for post-processing using statistics software (e.g. MATLAB®, SPSS®, Excel™)
  • Use SMI BeGaze™ software to analyze and visualize aggregate data of target groups.

Compatible with your application

The free SMI Software Development Kit (SMI SDK) for the RED-m facilitates the integration of eye tracking data with individual setups including popular stimulus software (e.g. MATLAB®, PST E-Prime®, Python, NBS Presentation) and custom applications (e.g., eye square Visualizer) written e.g. in C/C++ or -NET.

The kit supports co-registration with other data, such as synchronization with EEG.

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