RED250 / RED500

Remote eye tracking - fully integrated yet flexible

Performance meets Ease of Use

The SMI RED 250/500 systems combine ease of use and high data quality with high speed capabilities. Saccade measurements and shortest latencies with fully remote, fiducial-free and contact-free setup are possible, even with less compliant subject groups.


To simplify and advance eye tracking and eye movement research, the RED 250/500 systems feature an all-in-one modular design that allows for several different configurations with the same system – from an integrated 22’’ monitor, to television screens and projectors. Integrated with the 22’’ monitor, the system is ready to use out-of-the-box. A user-friendly wizard simplifies standalone setup with other displays. 


  • Remote, contact-free setup for eye movement studies
  • Binocular gaze & pupil data
  • For monitor & TV (from 19", 22"... 60") and projection (... 300")
  • Free head movement (40 cm x 20 cm at 70 cm distance)
  • Operating distance: 60 cm - 80 cm
  • High Accuracy: 0.4°
  • Spacial Resolution (RMS): 0.03°
  • High-Speed Sampling rate of 500 Hz for RED500
  • Short latency: <4 ms for RED500
  • Variable calibration modes: 2, 5, 9 points, children-friendly versions
  • Fast & automatic calibration: <3 sec (2 point) 
  • Works with most glasses and contact lenses
  • Free of charge API/SDK


Neuroscience – eye tracking and the brain (more)

Psychology, Psychiatry & Psycholinguistics – eye movement analysis for studying human behavior (more)

Usability, Human Factors and Ergonomics – eye tracking tests for optimizing the interaction (more)

Market Research – understand consumer behavior and reaching the consumer (more)

Gaze Based Interaction – Your look turned into action (more)

Fast, reliable & automatic operation

The high-resolution sensor allows the subject free head movement across a wide range, while the powerful software automatically locates the eyes and compensates motion. Non-moving optics ensure optimal robustness during stationary and mobile use. 

The fully automatic calibration takes only seconds and maintains drift-free accuracy throughout the experiment. Flexible calibration options address various experiment requirements, including 2-point, child-friendly versions with custom and animated fixation targets. 

INTEGRATION with EEG, other sensors and devices

The RED eye tracker have proven to be easily integrated with other devices like EEG or bio sensors, as well as with camera observation systems. EEG integrations are easy with e.g. with ABM, ANT, BioSemi, BrainProducts, EGI, and eMotiv.

Robust Eye tracking for all subject populations

SMI’s more than 20 years of computer vision experience in high-performance eye movement research and medical applications has resulted in the most robust remote eye tracking systems available - regardless of eye color, age, glasses or contacts, etc, and gives immediate feedback of robustness and eye tracking quality.

Real-time analysis

An integrated GUI provides real-time information on a single screen. The eye tracker can be used to measure the gaze position, eye movements and pupil dynamics, record stimulus screen content and automatically analyze user-defined areas of interest within the subject's field of view.

Simplified post-processing

All RED 250/500 systems are readily compatible with third-party stimulus packages (e.g. E-Prime, NBS, Presentation, Superlab) and powerful analysis software, such as SMI's Experiment Suite. Also, the systems can export the recorded data in ASCII format for post-processing using standard analysis software like Matlab or SPSS.

API for Custom applications and experiments

The RED 250/500 eye trackers come with SMI’s application programming interface (API), which is available free of charge for more than a decade. It can easily be used to integrate SMI eye trackers into custom applications and experiments with integration effort typically below a day.

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