iView X™ Hi-Speed

Ultra-fast, extremely accurate, video-based tracking

  • Monocular or Binocular gaze & pupil data
  • Up to 1250Hz eye tracking
  • Ultra low latencies
  • High Accuracy: 0.25° - 0.5° (typ)
  • Variable calibration modes: 2,5,9,13 points, children module
  • Fast & automatic calibration: <10 sec (5 point) 
  • Speak-Aloud™ kit and sound recording for outloud reading
  • Drift-free operations
  • CE, EMC and Eye Safety certified


Ultra-high speed

Combining high-resolution camera technology with advanced image processing algorithms, the iView X™ Hi-Speed 1250 offers a sampling rate of 1250 Hz and latencies of less than 0.5 milliseconds. It features a robust yet comfortable design with ergonomic chin rest and a large and unobstructed visual field.

Automated functions

Easy to use, the iView X™ Hi-Speed 1250 allows for operational efficiency, using adaptive algorithms with enhanced automatic setup and built-in validation functions. Both monocular and binocular measurements are possible without a loss in resolution or accuracy. In addition, the system readily compensates for glasses and contact lenses.

Seamless integration

For easy integration with most popular stimulus software packages, the iView X™ Hi-Speed 1250 system provides hardware and software interfaces that allow for synchronization while offering remote control and data streaming capabilities.

Easy analysis

The iView X™ Hi-Speed 1250 system precisely records all the relevant data, allowing for efficient control and automatic online analysis. The recorded data can be exported to ASCII format for easy post-processing using standard software. Advanced data analysis is possible with the integrated BeGaze software.

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  • Non-invasive, video-based eye tracking
  • Monocular and binocular dark-pupil tracking, pupil/pupil-CR


  • Sampling rate 1250 Hz / 500 Hz (monocular) 500 Hz (binocular)
  • Tracking resolution < 0.01° (typ.) 
  • Gaze position accuracy 0.25° - 0.5° (typ.)
  • Processing latency < 0.5 msec
  • System latency < 2 msec (typ.)
  • Viewing angle (hor./vert.) ± 30° / 30° (up), 45° (down)

Operating System

  • Windows XP
  • Dedicated workstation


  • Genuine SMI ergonomic column design
  • Height-adjustable chin rest (removable for SpeakAloud™ option)
  • Easy-to-clean parts
  • Integrated camera adjustments
  • Head accessible for simultaneous use of recording and stimulation devices (e.g. EEG electrodes, magnetic coils)
  • SpeakAloud™ option for out-loud reading with removed chin rest
  • BiteBar™ option for superior head fixation

Auxiliary Devices / Communication

  • Audio channel recording
  • Open communication interface via Ethernet (UDP)
  • Easy integration with third-party stimulus and analysis packages such as Presentation®, E-Prime®, Superlab™, GazeTracker®, MATLAB®, SPSS®, Excel™ and others

System Options

  • SMI Experiment Suite 360° ™ (Bundle of  BeGaze™ & Experiment Center™)
  • Experiment Design Software SMI Experiment Center™
  • Analysis software SMI BeGaze™
  • Application Programming Interface (API)


  • CE, EMC, Eye Safety