iView X™ Hi-Speed PRIMATE

The coil-system replacement for non-human primates

Unique construction

Completely non-invasive and free of consumables, the iView X™ Hi-Speed Primate sets the new standard for non-human eye tracking by uniquely combining robust measurement with streamlined operation.

Improved results

Accurate and reliable, the system utilizes adaptive algorithms for efficient operation and superior results. This is without compromising speed – sample rates of up to 1250Hz and spatial resolutions of 0.01° are possible.

Rapid integration

The iView X™ Hi-Speed Primate also maintains existing workflow, since its direct analog calibration follows the same principle as scleral search coil systems. The system integrates with popular stimulus software via TTL triggers, serial port and Ethernet, and can usually be used with an existing SSC setup.

Fast analysis

Real-time data transfer allows for rapid evaluation of the results, backed by integrated software for saccade and fixation analysis.

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  • Non-invasive, video-based eye tracking
  • Monocular and binocular dark-pupil tracking, pupil/pupil-CR


  • Sampling rate 1250 Hz / 500 Hz (monocular) 500 Hz (binocular)
  • Tracking resolution < 0.01° (typ.) 
  • Gaze position accuracy 0.25° - 0.5° (typ.)
  • Processing latency < 0.5 msec
  • System latency < 2 msec (typ.)
  • Viewing angle (hor./vert.) ± 30° / 30° (up), 45° (down)

Operating System

  • Windows XP
  • Dedicated workstation


  • Head accessible for simultaneous use of recording and stimulation devices (e.g. EEG electrodes, magnetic coils)

Auxiliary Devices / Communication

  • Audio channel recording
  • Open communication interface via Ethernet (UDP)
  • Easy integration with third-party stimulus and analysis packages such as Presentation®, E-Prime®, Superlab™, GazeTracker®, MATLAB®, SPSS®, Excel™ and others

System Options

  • SMI Experiment Suite 360° ™ (Bundle of  BeGaze™ & Experiment Center™)
  • Experiment Design Software SMI Experiment Center™
  • Analysis software SMI BeGaze™
  • Application Programming Interface (API)


  • CE, EMC, Eye Safety