SMI has integrated its renowned eye tracking in the HTC Vive head mounted display (HMD), enabling new paradigms and fully controlled environments for naturalistic eye tracking studies. Eye tracking at 250 Hz allows full flexibility on research questions and the measurement of saccades as well as fixations.

Measure naturalistic perception under full experimental control

The 360° immersion enabled by HMDs makes the participant feel physically present inside the stimulus. This allows very naturalistic studies of perception and cognition. Reaction and attention patterns can be mapped using gaze as well as directional changes in head and body posture (“turn-towards”).

Use cases include:

  • Clinical research, incl. anxiety disorders
  • Scene perception and visual search
  • Control room scenarios

Surround participants with 360° image, video and audio stimuli

360° immersive environments allow full control over all experimental parameters in the immersive scenario and hence allow large comparative studies to be conducted with ease with life-like perception. The use of directional sound also enhances attention studies.

Experiment Suite HMD for turnkey immersive stimulus presentation and analysis

Creating an immersive research environment is now easier than ever. Something as simple as a 360° still image or video – taken by a 360° camera – can be imported and become stimulus content. Experiment Suite HMD allows complex experimental scenes to be created with randomized stimulus presentation. Text elements can be included to instruct the participant.

Get Eye Tracking into interactive VR scenarios

The eye tracking HTC Vive comes with a software developer kit and plug-ins for popular VR engines such as Unity, Unreal and WorldViz Vizard. Used this way it is possible to access live gaze information and create interactive scenarios such as gaze contingent communication with avatars which react on eye contact.

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