SMI Mobile Eye Tracking HMD unites SensoMotoric Instrument’s 25 years of eye tracking experience with the globally successful Samsung Gear VR to form the first commercially-available mobile VR headset with eye tracking.  This modified Samsung Gear VR is supplied with eye tracking cameras that have been integrated by SMI and it comes with a specially-modified Samsung Galaxy mobile phone with SMI software pre-installed. Together, they form a VR platform with eye tracking that is intuitive, adaptable, quick to set-up, and easy-to-use.

Perfect for Developers, Professionals and Academic Researchers

The SMI Mobile Eye Tracking HMD meets the needs of a wide range of professional and scientific sectors including:

  • Market Research: Get valuable shopper insight from virtual shops and packaging quickly easily with SMI Mobile Eye Tracking HMD.
  • Academic Research: Perform spatial cognition research and task dependent perception analysis in fully controlled visual immersion.
  • Training Solutions: Improve performance such as situational awareness in sports training with professional athletes.
  • Sales and Sales Training: Know the difference between product features and genuinely “eye catching features”.

Utilizing the Gold Standard in Eye Tracking

SMI offers the gold standard in eye tracking - a globally respected technology proven with more than 150,000 users. It features slip compensation, calibration-free mode and now; its integration in the Samsung Gear VR makes this acclaimed technology more accessible than ever before.

Create VR Environments That Are Highly Detailed or Simple as a 360° Photo

Building a virtual environment is now easier than ever thanks to the Unity plugin but just how detailed you want that environment to be is up to you. Something as simple as a 360° still image – taken by a 360° camera or even downloaded from an external source - can be imported and very simply manipulated to become stimulus content that yields valuable data during your experiments.

A Smoother Workflow From Set-Up to Analysis

SMI Mobile Eye Tracking HMD is just of a suite of products that will work with you at every stage of the VR-eye tracking process. With the VR environment created, the workflow thereafter is straightforward. The project is loaded onto the Samsung Galaxy smart phone and an app launched to begin the experience. Those conducting the experiment will be able to see live what the subject is seeing along with the live gaze cursor on a remote PC, tablet or even another smart phone. At the conclusion of the experiment the full mobile phone output – complete with comprehensive eye tracking data – can be analyzed on SMI’s BeGaze analysis platform. From there reports are generated with a single click; yielding data sets that are consistent with proven SMI metrics.

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