SMI Experiment Suite™ 360°

The SMI Experiment Suite™ 360°  bundles two powerful software tools together to pursue one goal:  to make eye tracking studies easy to setup, quick to run and meaningful to analyze.

The SMI Experiment Center™, the accompanying SMI iView X™ system and the SMI BeGaze™ software create a versatile suite designed to address the various requirements in the eye tracking world. Designed for researchers and professionals working in the fields of marketing research, usability testing, psychology, neurology and cognitive neuroscience, this platform supports a broad range of studies. It is ideal for evaluating media such as web sites, software, images, video clips and both print and online advertising.
SMI iView X™ is the powerful eye tracking engine featuring advanced and adaptive eye tracking algorithms, robust feature recognition and auto tracking, smart calibration, efficient data recording and online event detection. SMI iView X™ provides the path from the intuitive experimental design of SMI Experiment Center™ to the meaningful results of eye and gaze tracking studies in SMI BeGaze™.

Application Fields

Marketing  Research
  • Shops (Interior / Window Design)
  • Package Design
  • Advertisements (TV Spots and Pictures) / Print and Online Media
  • Web Design / Online Marketing
Human Factors, Usability & Ergonomics
  • Software usability 
  • Product safety 
  • Machines / workplaces / plant control 
  • Vehicle control (cars, airplanes, boats) 
  • Workplace safety 
  • Wayfinding
Gaze-based Interaction
  • Education (especially when combined with voice inputs) 
  • Research (such as eye-controlled microscopes) 
  • Gaming (strategy and simulator PC games) 
  • Kiosk (keyboard replacement) 
  • Assistive (for the physically challenged)
Psychology, Psychiatry & Psycholinguistics
  • Reading & dyslexia 
  • Language processing 
  • Sentence building, etc. 
  • Image processing 
  • Auditory processing  
  • Interpretation & symbolism 
  • Mental health disorders
  • fMRI 
  • MEG 
  • EEG 
  • Pupillometry 
  • Neuro-ophthalmology
  • Neuro-degenerative diseases
Sports, Professional Training & Education 

Design - SMI Experiment Center™ 

SMI Experiment Center™ is an easy to operate experiment creation, planning and experiment execution environment. This user friendly experiment design editor and execution program provides a comprehensive feature set that gives novice and advances users the ability to design and execute all kinds of experiments. It is complemented by the SMI iView X™ for gaze tracking data acquisition and SMI BeGaze™ for gaze tracking data analysis.

A broad range of stimuli are supported to be presented during an experiment. Text, images, video, full length websites or interactive programs with screen recording are displayed to each subject while the gaze position is monitored and the gaze tracking data and user events are recorded. 

Recording - SMI iView X™

The SMI iView™ X focuses on versatility and flexibility for the sake of superior results. Built as a software platform, the design concept provides the unique feature to connect with various camera interfaces such as remote and contact-free systems (SMI iView™ X RED), mobile head-mounted systems (SMI iView™ X HED), high speed and ultra precise systems (SMI iView™ X Hi-Speed) and many more. Dealing with sampling rates from 50Hz up to 1250Hz, detecting eye movement events from visual fixations up to micro-saccades, providing live viewing of tracking and gaze overlays, synchronizing with other equipment, recording eye tracking video on the fly - SMI iView™ X delivers on the promise.

Analysis - SMI BeGaze™

SMI BeGaze™ provides quick and comprehensive analysis and visualization of eye tracking data and stimuli. SMI BeGaze™ greatly simplifies monocular and binocular tracking data analysis by structuring the information on stimuli and subjects, as well as displaying the results as meaningful graphs and visuals – all in one advanced application.

SMI BeGaze™ provides the full spectrum of visualizations for gaze plots (scan path, bee swarm) and attention maps (focus map, heat map). Visualization parameters can be modified "on-the-fly". Visualizations can be exported as video (AVI) or bitmap for documentation, presentation etc.

SMI BeGaze™ fully integrates with SMI Experiment Center™ the software to make gaze tracking experiments and visual stimuli creation a snap. Load all experiment data into SMI BeGaze™ by 1-click. Fail-safe, fast, convenient.  SMI BeGaze™ also offers an experiment creation wizard to load manually the experiment data, allow to assign attributes to the subjects for later grouping and filtering.  Assignment of stimulus sand subject ‘s gaze data is done manually or automatically.  And then you go …. 

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