SMI Experiment Center™ Software

Easy to use design software for gaze tracking experiments and visual stimulus presentation

  • Study design center and recording control
  • Variable calibration modes and themes incl. children module
  • Integrated validation tool
  • Instructions, text, image, video, web, screenrecording, external video sources, questionnaires
  • Webpages with scroll compensation
  • Stimuli pre-play and study test mode visualizer
  • Flexible stimulus display timing incl. AOI dwell time trigger
  • Various random groups, straight or nested sequences
  • Subject demographic import wizzard
  • Online subject tracking monitor and position control
  • User video and sound
  • Keyboard and mouse event logging
  • Background screenrecording
  • Optional remote control from separate stimulus PC
  • Live Viewer of current stimulus and gaze point

SMI Experiment Center™ is an easy to operate experiment creation, planning and experiment execution environment. It is complemented by the SMI iView X™ for gaze tracking data acquisition and SMI BeGaze™ for gaze tracking data analysis.
SMI Experiment Center™ delivers experiment design and control in a user-friendly method. SMI Experiment Center™ allows you to prepare and execute gaze tracking experiments with the following features:

  • A single user interface for managing various functions, including stimulus preview, live gaze monitoring, and precision timing
  • Online guide  for optimal subject placement in front of the stimulus monitor
  • Integrated calibration including support for animated calibration targets and immediate validation of calibration quality
  • Multiple stimuli options available during the experiment:
    Text, images, video, full length web sites, or interactive programs with screen recording can be displayed to each subject step by step while the subject's gaze position is monitored and gaze tracking data is recorded
  • A randomization group function to allow groups of stimuli to be presented in a non-determined order
  • A lock/unlock function to prevent accidental modifications of experiments
  • A dry run function for scenario evaluation
  • Integrated data storage to allow the acquired data to be analyzed in the SMI BeGaze™ software.


  • Picture slideshows (grouped and randomiszed)

  • Advertisements (TV Spots and Pictures)

  • Reading Studies

  • Full length Websites and Landing Page analysis with scroll compensation and including user events (mouse clicks, key presses) and background screenrecording

  • Software usability with screen recording, including gaze position, mouse cursor and user event overlays

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