SMI BeGaze™ Eye Tracking Analysis Software

Replay, Visualize, Analyze, Export ...

  • Still & dynamic stimuli
  • Text, image, video, website, screenrecording
  • Subject inner- and intergroup comparison
  • Subject filter for e.g. demographic tags
  • Dynamic attention map visualization of aggregate eye-tracking data (eye tracking heat map & eye-tracking focus map)
  • Scanpath and bee swarm for individual, groups or total
  • Move&Morph™ function for dynamic areas of interest (AOI) (on videos)
  • Areas óf interest (AOI) transition matrices
  • KPI visualization: the visual executive summary
  • Multifrequency data processing
  • User video and sound
  • Keyboard & mouse events
  • Full statistics module
  • Synchronized data with the Emotiv EEG Neuroheadset
  • Export of gaze & event data, visualization as pictures and videos with overlays

Seamless Integration

The Behavioral and Gaze Analysis (SMI BeGaze™) eye tracking software is fully integrated with the study design and recording software SMI Experiment Center™. From designing an eye-tracking study, recording and finally analysing, visualizing and exporting the eye tracking results - the efficiency gain with the SMI software will be measurable. Get more and better eye-tracking results in shorter time.

Usability and Fun

The SMI BeGaze™ GUI is specified to maximize usability and efficiency when drilling down into eye tracking studies. Yet there is also a fun component when the capabilities of SMI BeGaze™ areas of interest tool, various visualizations, statistics and export functions unfold.

Meaningful results

The SMI BeGaze™ eye tracking software allows analysing and structuring information on experiments and subjects, as well as displaying the eye tracking data as meaningful graphs – all in one advanced application. Basic functionality can be extended by specific optional packages, e.g. for video analysis, reading analysis, observational studies etc.

Transparency and Control

Besides the visualization tools within SMI BeGaze™ , the eye-tracking software also allows scientific analysis of eye movement data, user controlled set-up of filter and threshold variables, and ultimatively export the raw and/or processed data in a well structured way. SMI BeGaze™ is also setup as a tool to support the scientific publication process. Results you can trust.

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Simultaneous analysis
  • Supports gaze sampling rates from 50Hz up to 1250Hz - also in mixed mode
  • Monocular or binocular gaze & pupil data
  • Processes both eye and head tracking data
  • Stores all movement data, subject demographics and graphics in its internal database
  • Analyzes several subjects or trials simultaneously
  • Changes easily the parameters for reanalyzing previous data
Various Stimuli
  • Text and graphics
  • Still images
  • Video clips
  • Websites (Landing page and Full page w/ scroll compensation)
Multiple Subjects
  • Designed to handle multiple subjects
  • Integrated filter functions allow analysing subgroups of subjects within trials based on user assigned parameters (e.g. gender, age, etc.)
Smart Visualizations
  • Gaze plots (scan path, bee swarm)
  • Attention maps (focus map, heat map software - all dynamic or cumulative)
  • Visualization parameters can be modified "on-the-fly"
  • Visualizations can be exported as video (AVI) or bitmap for documentation, presentation etc.
Exploit Optimized Workflow and Interaction
  • Drill into blink, fixation and saccade event data from scanpath or linegraph
  • Find point of regard by time interval of events
  • Click on data plot to view detailed information and statistics of selected events
  • Customize diagrams and statistical data tables before exporting to file
  • Define your personal visualization standards and apply them across analyses or experiments etc.
Areas Of Interest (AOI) – static and dynamic
  • The integrated AOI editor allows definition of zones of interest
  • Various geometries can be fitted to the element of interest
  • Automatic Move&Morph™ function for dynamic stimuli e.g. video clips ensures the AOI being “on target” even in position and form changing elements of interest
  • AOI statistics can be visualized as AOI sequence per subject, or AOI Binning Chart for groups of subjects
  • The AOIs can be displayed together with gaze plot or attention map visualization
  • Geometric definition of AOIs can be saved to, and loaded from file – e.g. for recurring experiments with same stimuli
Statistical data – your way to quantitative analysis
  • Powerful statistics module allow configuration and export of statistical data tables of more than 100 statistical variables (e.g. first fixation duration, number of glances, pupils size, blink frequencies etc.)
  • Export AOI transition matrix for single or multiple subject analysis
  • Export fixation and saccade parameters to file
  • Measure saccade latencies and reaction times in Linegraph diagram
  • Adjust event detection parameters as needed
Intelligent integration
  • BeGaze™ fully integrates with SMI Experiment Center™ - the eye tracking software to make gaze tracking experiments and visual stimuli creation a snap
  • Load all experiment data into BeGaze™ by 1-click: Fail-safe, fast, convenient
  • BeGaze™ offers an experiment creation wizard to load manually the experiment data, allow to assign attributes to the subjects for later grouping and filtering
  • Assignment of stimulus sand subject ‘s gaze data is done manually or automatically
  • BeGaze™ various expert functions allow to export all level of data – from raw data to event data
  • Definition of export file header allows smooth integration with other software tools to further process the data