3D VOG Video-Oculography® System

Accurate eye tracking in all 3 dimensions


The 3D VOG Video-Oculography® system is a fully integrated, lightweight system for the monocular and binocular analysis of horizontal, vertical and torsional eye movements. By implementing SMI's unique Full Iris Tracking (FIT™), it allows for 3D eye plus 6D head movement recording without false torsion and geometric distortion errors. 

Comfortable operation

The non-invasive technique of using invisible IR illumination results in comfortable recordings, and the eye movements can be observed on high quality video images, regardless of whether the subject has a free field-of-view or is in total darkness. 

Immediate analysis

High performance calibration and correction algorithms are used to gain accurate measurements even with eccentric eye positions or half closed eyelids, and recordings of both eyes are analyzed online for immediate quantitative data access.

Automated functioning

Designed for easy and efficient research, the 3D VOG Video-Oculography® fully automates the following processes:

  • iris segment selection 
  • pupil detection and threshold setting
  • video brightness and contrast
  • nystagmus detection + SPV calculation
  • calibration for subjects unable to fixate on targets

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  • Binocular Online torsion analysis
  • Nystagmus Analysis
  • 6D Head-motion sensor


  • Eye Tracking Dimensions: Horizontal, vertical, torsional
  • Resolution: 0.05° (h) / 0.05° (v) / 0.1° (t)
  • Iris Tracking: Automatic Full Iris Tracking (FIT™)
  • Eye Coordinate System: Head (Listing) or eye (Fick) centered
  • Mask Weight: 440g (incl. head motion sensor)
  • Eye Illumination: 950 nm IR, < 1.35mW
  • Head Motion Recording: 3D rotational velocity [°/s] 3D linear acceleration [m/s²]
  • Analog/Digital In Channels: 8 (±10V) / 8 (TTL)


  • Bite bar, mask half covers, VisualLab

Certificates / Approvals / QM

  • Safety Standard: EN 60601-1 (Electric Medical Devices)