SMI Gaze & EYE Tracking Systems

Founded in 1991, SMI is a world leader in dedicated computer vision applications. Working closely with our clients, we have more than 20 years' experience in developing and marketing application-specific gaze & eye tracking systems. Our eye trackers and software products combine a maximum of performance and usability with the highest possible quality, resulting in high-value solutions for our customers. More than 6,000 of our eye tracker systems in operation worldwide are testimony to our continuing success in providing innovative products and outstanding services.


We at SMI provide the latest eye tracking solutions and support for almost every field of application. The range spans medical research, diagnostics and surgery, via psychology, performance sports, and man-machine interaction, right up to market research.

Applications Details

Researchers or clinicians in the neurosciences use eye tracking to help analyze how we process visual information, and to develop novel and better methods of diagnosis in the field of neuro-degenerative diseases. Those studying psychology, psychiatry and psycholinguistics, whether in the lab or in natural environments, use our systems for collecting data discretely and accurately. On-screen vision studies are conducted in the field of ophthalmology, furthering our understanding of the human eye and helping develop new approaches to diagnosis. Today the ability to measure and analyze eye movements is increasingly important for the on-task assessment of human factors in operating vehicles, interacting with products or in ergonomics. Since hand and eye coordination is the key issue in sports and professional training, eye tracking can play a major role in analyzing and improving performance. Eye tracking also allows market researchers to pre-test their clients' designs by measuring what the target audiences see and so improve the impact before the launch.

Eye Tracking Products

We apply our expertise to developing the latest eyetracking products, drawing on the reciprocal experience we have gained in diverse application areas. Our various eye trackers incorporate eye tracking glasses, head or desk-mounted cameras, make use of Hi-Speed cameras, or are even designed to be compatible with MRI.

Product Details

Our packages are specially designed for screen based market research, screen based UX studies and screen based scientific research. Our iView X™ Hi-Speed system combines hi-res camera technology with ultra-fast, extremely accurate tracking. Simplifying research, the iView X™ RED series with sampling rates ranging from 60Hz to 500Hz features a 3-in-1 design that allows the use of a monitor and projector. Indoors and outdoors, SMI RED250mobile is a 250Hz mobile eye tracking lab for demanding paradigms, the SMI REDn Scientific allows scientific eye tracking studies with ease, SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2w are a powerful gaze tracking device for fully mobile eye tracking studies. The SMI Mobile Eye Tracking HMD based on a Samsung Gear VR allows for virtual applications and studies. Completely non-invasive, the iView X™ Hi-Speed Primate sets the standard for non-human eye tracking. Designed for the fMRI environment, the iView X™ MRI systems seamlessly integrate with projector and goggles-based stimulus setups, and are compatible with most scanners and headcoils. Finally, our BeGaze software simplifies the analysis of your tracking data by structuring the information and displaying the results as meaningful graphs.

Services & Support

In addition, as part of our full program of support, we offer a number of services organized around our eye trackers and software products. Alongside different training options, we also have special schemes for assisting users in acquiring our systems and applications.

Services & Support Details

Because we believe excellent products combined with in-depth knowledge and proven training skills can push back the frontiers, the first SMI Eye Tracking Academy has been instigated. As a refresher for our existing customers, we offer SMI Training at our offices and on site and also on-line. SMI Demo Tours allow for physical demonstrations and hands-on experience with our equipment. The SMI – Partner in Research Program supports the research community by way of extensive system and application support free of charge. We also have several Rental & Lease Models enabling industrial and corporate customers to benefit from our equipment while enjoying flexible terms.