Market Research

message, design & placement – reaching the consumer 

As a market researcher, you need to be able to assess focus groups and consumer behavior quickly and accurately so as to deliver the appropriate feedback in the way your clients need.

Eye tracking allows you to pre-test your clients' designs by measuring what the target audiences see and so improve on the impact before the launch. Your clients are thus better able to understand user behavior and can optimize their visual communication to reach their marketing goals.

SMI Eye Tracking solutions for market research can also be connected with leading partner solutions, e.g. with Emotiv EEG for neuromarketing studies.

A range of easy-to-use tools are available for the video analysis of eye movements in marketing research and neuromarketing, which can be used to study:

  • Shops (Interior / Window Design): Eye tracking studies enable interior designers to choose color, lighting, architecture, etc. so as to subtly influence the customer's mood. This includes the use of eye catchers to attract passers-by and arouse their curiosity.
  • Package Design: Eye tracking can be used both to optimize the look and feel of the packaging as well as the experience of unpacking the product. Strong competition nowadays between the huge variety of products makes the package design a key issue influencing sales.
  • Advertisements / Print: Eye tracking allows you to measure what your customers see and therefore to optimize your message with regard to the intended target group.
  • Web Design / Online Marketing: In web design, the aspect of optimized navigation through the content is of major importance. Therefore, the design demands more than the purely visual aspect. Usability tests can help you evaluate ease of use and logical navigation – both of which are essential for keeping the user on your website for as long as possible.

The optimum use of eye tracking with screen-based visual stimulation requires contact-free tracking allowing the subject free head motion. In addition, the system needs to be fast and easy to configure, deploy and operate, as well as being accurate and reliable, providing data in real-time. The equipment also has to be versatile and compatible with other visual systems.

Mobile Eye Tracking made Easy with AUTOMATED ANALYSIS

Wearable eye tracking glasses come with a smart recorder which allows participants to move naturally while performing interactive tasks. Automated analysis of mobile eye tracking data SMI Automated Semantic Gaze Mapping (ASGM) is a webbased automated analysis solution for mobile eye tracking data. It processes studies of any size, eliminates the need for manual mapping, affords faster throughput times, and is highly scalable. learn more

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Case Studies

Measuring Brand Recall

Preliminary conclusions about parameters that increase advertising impact of product placement can be drawn from a pilot study with SMI remote eye tracking  over Lady Gaga’s award winning music video “Bad Romance”.

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Shopper research: Sustainable consumption

Olivier Oullier, professor of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at Aix-Marseille University, France, conducted an innovative worldwide lab and in-storestudy for the World Economic Forum and its partners. Key insights on sustainable consumption of millenials were investigated and compared acrosscountries (including India and China) thanks to the unique combination of SMI Eye Tracking solutions and Emotiv's brain response technology.

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