Gaze-based Interaction

visual touch - your look turned into action 

Human communication with computers and other automated machinery can be vastly enhanced and accelerated by eye tracking. The human eye is constantly responding to stimuli and this information can be used for guiding various systems much faster than with conventional input devices, such as a computer mouse or joystick.

SMI Eye Tracking can also be connecting with leading partner solutions, e.g. VR engines or biometric systems, for a broad range of applications.

Since visual interaction devices are extremely small, lightweight and mobile, the possibilities for their use and areas of gaze-based interaction research are manifold, and continuously expanding. Applications thus far have included:

  • Education (especially when combined with voice inputs)
  • Research (such as microscopes with eye control)
  • Gaming (gaze control strategy and simulator PC games)
  • Kiosk (keyboard replacement)
  • Assistive (gaze interaction for the physically challenged)

Such systems are usually head-mounted, often incorporated into glasses or headsets, and so have to be extremely comfortable. For this same reason, users must be able to freely move their head and eyes. Moreover, since the system should ideally be compatible with voice or other input devices, it needs to be easily integrated.

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