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Combining data on consumers’ attention and gaze with their emotional states - SMI eye tracking and Emotiv neuro technology offer an easy-to-use interface.

Neuromarketers can now measure and analyze consumers’ visual attention and their emotional responses to brands within one common interface. SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), a leader in eye tracking technology, and Emotiv, a pioneer in brain computer interface neuro-technology, have launched a highly integrated and easy-to-use solution for neuromarketing. It combines a perfect match of technologies consisting of the SMI RED-m remote eye tracker and the Emotiv EEG Neuroheadset. A special SMI software package allows for the synchronized measurement of both data streams including data on emotional engagement. The comprehensive toolset will be presented at the Research&Results trade show, the leading venue for Market Research professionals, this week in Munich, Germany.

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With the integrated solution, neuromarketing experts can determine which element of an advertisement, or product design their consumers are looking  at and show how they feel about it – all in one easy to use interface. In SMI’s Experiment Suite software, researchers can view the live stream of both SMI eye tracking and Emotiv EEG data sets. They can visualize findings by creating heatmaps of eye movement data together with presentations of the emotion measures calculated by the Emotiv Affectiv™ Suite. The software also allows for export of eye tracking measures together with synchronized data from any of the Emotiv detection suites – including facial expressions.

The small and robust SMI RED-m remote eye tracking system perfectly complements the capabilities of the Emotiv Neuroheadset. Both devices are easy to set up, highly portable, and robust in data collection. Due to the intelligent algorithms used, both solutions work for virtually anyone, without any need for adaptation.

Johanna Fyrbjörk, ZenInSight AB: “We searched for a robust and flexible solution for eye tracking and EEG to conduct our research studies on product design. SMI and Emotiv provided the perfect set of technologies for our purposes.“

Tan Le, CEO of Emotiv Lifesciences & Co-Founder of Emotiv: “Emotiv is excited to partner and collaborate with SMI. We have always believed in the synergies between eye tracking and EEG.  By bringing together our unique technologies in a fully integrated solution, we can offer researchers worldwide a new dimension to their research endeavors.” 

Christian Villwock, Business Director, SensoMotoric Instruments: “The cooperation between SMI and Emotiv has created a real breakthrough for easily combining eye tracking and EEG. Due to the advanced algorithms used, both solutions work out of the box for an extreme range of users and applications. This makes the combination a perfect match and a unique package for Neuromarketing.”


Contact SMI: Stefanie Gehrke, Marcom Manager, stefanie.gehrke(at)smi.de

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More information about Emotiv at: www.emotiv.com

Contact Emotiv:  Kim Du, Corporate Relations Director, kim(at)emotiv.com


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