- CES 2017: SMI to Bring Eye Tracking to Standalone VR Devices

SMI’s robust and reliable eye tracking demonstrated with the Qualcomm Snapdragon VR820 reference platform set the stage for a superior VR experience

- CES 2017: Introducing the SMI Social Eye for Natural Human Interaction in Virtual Reality

“The SMI Social Eye will transform non–verbal communication in virtual worlds” – Cyril Tuschi, Founder You-VR Labs

- SMI Launches iView 2K: The Next Generation of High Performance Eye Trackers

The new SMI iView 2K platform combines ultimate data quality with a new level of versatility and intuitive use - for chinrest, remote and MRI studies

- SMI Unveils Next Generation Eye Tracking Solution for Educational Research

‘Digital Classroom’ created as new framework for multi-station studies

- Kantar Retail, SMI to Introduce Immersive Eye-Tracking VR Shopper Technology at P2P Expo 2016

Technology to be demonstrated through live virtual research at Kantar Retail booth

- SMI Launches HTC Vive with High Performance Eye Tracking

Eye tracking @ 250 Hz turns top-selling VR device into immersive visual lab

- SMI Expands OEM Platform with Eye Tracking HTC Vive Developer Kit

“Trusted, stable and proven platform” now works on more screens and devices says SMI’s Christian Villwock

- NVIDIA Partners with SMI to Demo Foveated Rendering for VR at Siggraph 2016

SMI Eye Tracking with low latency and high frame rate key to success of innovative rendering technique

- Mobile Eye Tracking Made Easy with Automated Analysis

SMI launches Automated Semantic Gaze Mapping (ASGM) for SMI Eye Tracking Glasses following successful trials

- Augmented Reality Glasses with Eye Tracking Showcased at AWE 2016

SensoMotoric Instrument (SMI) adds eye tracking to the Lumus DK-50

- Eye Tracking Glasses at 120 Hz in “Good Agreement” with 1000 Hz Systems, Trial Finds

Q1 - Q2 beta testing yields positive assessments from leading academics

- Lufthansa Systems Chooses SMI Eye Tracking to Improve Flight Operations Outcomes

Proven eye tracking platform and NetLine/Ops ++ set to boost performance and deliver savings

- SMI Unveils High Performance Eye Tracking on Samsung Gear VR

Virtual reality eye tracking package aimed at developers, professionals and scientists

- MWC: Mobile Virtual Reality Boosted by SMI’s Proven Eye Tracking and Foveated Rendering Technology

Samsung Gear VR upgraded with SMI Eye Tracking - enabling a richer user experience and higher performance

- SMI Sets Scientific Standard With Eye Tracking Glasses at 120 Hz

Latest upgrade package inspired by leaders in psychology, neurosciences, virtual reality and gaze and motion capture.

- SMI Unveils Foveated Rendering: Paving The Way For A Richer Virtual Reality Experience

Once called the “Holy Grail” of VR, foveated rendering at 250Hz is now available on SensoMotoric Instruments’ Consumer Ready Eye Tracking Platform.

- OmniVision and SMI Unveil Intuitive Virtual Reality Experience

With High Frame Rate, Small Size and Low Power Consumption, OmniVision’s OVM6211 and SMI’s Eye Tracking Platform Are Ready for VR and AR Volume Markets

- SMI Eye Tracking and WorldViz Make Researchers Turn to Virtual Reality

I/ITSEC 2015: The plug and play integration of HMD Eye Tracking by SensoMotoric Instruments with the Vizard VR toolkit by WorldViz brings the advantages of virtual reality to research and training


- RightEye Selects SMI Eye Trackers to Use in Eye Tracking-Based Vision Tests

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI), a leading global manufacturer of eye and gaze tracking solutions, today announced that RightEye LLC has included SMI remote eye trackers as a component of its revolutionary new vision tests that...

- SMI Helps to Generate Largest Eye Tracking Dataset on Programming Behavior

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) and an international group of researchers collaborated to collect a large set of eye tracking data on programmer behavior as a key to advancing research in the field.

- SMI Announces Automated Analysis for Mobile Eye Tracking

Advanced computer vision solution by SMI dramatically improves efficiency, speed and quality of mobile eye tracking analysis.

- SMI and BIOPAC Connect Mobile Eye Tracking and Biosignals

At the HFES conference, BIOPAC and SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) announce a mobile plug and play integration of physiological signals and eye tracking data captured during interactive real-world tasks

- SMI Virtual Reality Eye Tracking at Dell World 2015

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) showcases unique VR-HMD Eye Tracking combining eye and hand controller input at Dell World

- Multimodal Research at SfN 2015: SMI Shows Eye Tracking Well Connected to Other Biosensors

SensoMotoric Instruments’ proven solutions combine scientific grade measurement with user-friendly design, while new tools easily connect eye tracking with brain activity, behavior and other modalities

- SfN15: E-Prime and SMI Eye Tracking Fully Connected

Psychology Software Tools (PST) and SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) announce a new plug and play integration for SMI Eye Tracking and E-Prime stimulus presentation software

- Sensics and SMI bring Virtual Reality Eye Tracking to OSVR

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) and Sensics release the first eye tracking plug-in for the Open Source Virtual Reality (OSVR) software platform

- High Fidelity Uses SMI HMD Eye Tracking to Create Life-like VR Avatars

Open source VR network adds real eye movements to avatar animations using eye tracking for Virtual Reality Headsets by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI)

- New Smart Recorder Connects SMI’s Eye Tracking Glasses to Daily Life Scenarios

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) introduces a highly mobile eye tracking tool for real-world research routines and connects eye gaze with EEG, motion tracking and other sensors

- Winner of SMI Programming Competition announced at European Conference on Eye Movements

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) supports young academics’ research – finalists’ contributions will be added to EMRA open source library

- SMI Completes OEM Eye Tracking Platform to Cover All Consumer Displays

SIGGRAPH 2015: SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) completes mass market eye tracking platform with reference designs for desktop, mobile and wearable AR/VR computing and display formats ready for consumer and industrial OEMs

- SMI Shows First Eye Tracking Upgrade for Augmented Reality Glasses

SensoMotoric Instrument (SMI) adds eye tracking to Epson Moverio BT-200 for hands-free interaction, gaze sensitive on-demand content, and personalized visualization in augmented reality.

- SMI Plug-in for Translog-II: Connect Eye Tracking to Translation and Applied Linguistics Research

Analyze visual patterns in translation, computer-based reading and writing tasks...

- AltspaceVR and SMI demonstrate eye tracking technology for virtual reality at Augmented World Expo 2015

Integrated into head-mounted displays and VR software, eye tracking is a game-changer for user interface and non-verbal communication in virtual reality

- Cleveland Clinic Research at Imfar 2015

Objective markers for early identification of autism - with SMI Eye Tracking

- SMI and DEWEsoft introduce Driver Machine Monitoring and Analysis Platform for ADAS Development

Eye tracking and vehicle performance data recorded with SensoMotoric Instruments’ and Dewesoft´s measurement platform deliver real-time driver assessments for enhancing the development and validation of Advanced Driver Assistant...

- SMI Eye Tracking Joins Red Bull High Performance Initiative

Red Bull High Performance team uses SMI Eye Tracking Glasses to study top surfers’ performance

- SMI Gaze Interaction Powers Google Glass Prototype

SensoMotoric Instruments showcases benefits of hands-free interaction with SMI Eye Tracking for Smart Glasses

- WEF Davos 2015: SMI Eye Tracking Helps Engage the Consumer of Tomorrow

Eye Tracking technology identifies opportunities for sustainable consumption

- Omnivision and SMI Bring High Performance Eye Tracking Technology To a Wide Range Of Consumer Applications

- SMI Extends Gaze Interaction Platform with Unity Integration

Gaze interaction becomes easy to use in Unity, the leading game and VR software development platform

- SMI Eye Tracking Glasses Set the Industry Standard for Professional Research and Training

SMI’s wearable eye tracker is the most recognized eye tracking tool available for professional use in market research, human factors, professional training and cognitive science

- SfN14: SMI Launches Eye Tracking Upgrade Package for the Oculus Rift DK2 HMD

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) raises the value of HMD based studies and applications by launching the world’s first eye tracking upgrade package for the Oculus Rift DK2 HMD

- SfN14: SMI Brings 250Hz Eye Tracking to Cognitive Field Research

At the world’s largest neuroscience meeting, SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) presents its next generation eye tracking platform for demanding cognitive research in and out of the lab


- Natural Gaze™ Head Gear Design for Mobile Eye Tracker

SMI introduces slim Natural Gaze™ design for mobile eye tracking glasses at major international conferences

- New Concepts for User Interaction in Gaming with SMI Gaze Tracking

SensoMotoric Instruments supports the development of new game prototype presented at the CHI Play conference (19-22 Oct.) in Toronto, Canada

- SMI’s Sneak Preview of Gaze Interaction at Siggraph 2014

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) reveals a lineup of smart gaze interaction demos at Siggraph. Visitors to SMI booth have more chances than ever to learn about the benefits of gaze interaction for gaming and computing first hand at...

- SMI Launches SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless: Wearable 60 Hz Eye Tracking with Full Wireless Control

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) introduces the next stage of their leading mobile eye tracking technology with full wireless control, enhanced productivity plus application modules for Virtual Reality, Shopper Insight and...

- Workshop at ECSS hosted by Qualisys and SMI

How mocap systems and eye tracking systems can practically be integrated for sports research

- Eye Tracking: The Championsleague Final Through the Eyes of Soccer Fans

Valuable insights into the reception of sports entertainment and emotional media events from a unique eye tracking study of Bayern vs. Dortmund 2013

- SMI and WorldViz bring Eye Tracking to Virtual Reality

VSS 2014 in Florida: SensoMotoric Instruments and WorldViz show responsive 3D scenarios incorporating gaze and motion tracking – for realistic analysis and interaction in VR environments

- SMI and Qualisys Connect Eye and Body Movements

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) and Qualisys announce a plug and play integration of eye and motion tracking data which enables researchers to study embodied cognition, hand-eye coordination, disease, learning and performance

- StimTracker for SMI: Perfectly Timed Eye Tracking Research

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) partners with Cedrus to create StimTracker for SMI – a truly scientific timing and synchronization solution in the millisecond precision range for experimental psychologists and neuroscientists


- SMI OEM Eye Tracking Empowers Converus’ EyeDetect Lie Detection Technology

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) and Converus announce that Converus has OEM’ed the SMI Eye Tracker for inclusion in EyeDetect — Converus’ patent-pending solution for efficient and reliable detection of deception. Converus CEO cites...

- GDC 2014: SMI Powers Sony’s PS4 Eye Tracking Demo

“Infamous: Second Son” game demo for PS4 developed by the Sony Magic Lab innovation hub uses SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) RED-oem eye tracker for gaze based interaction.

- SMI Supports 2nd Eye Movements Identification and Verification Competition

The aim of the contest is to determine how people may be identified based on their eye movement characteristic

- SMI Tracks the Eyes of World Leaders at Davos 2014

At Davos, SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) shows on-site the potential of a rapidly evolving technology with combined eye tracking and neuroscience experiments and presents the findings of a multi country study on sustainable...

- SensoMotoric Instruments Unveils SMI RED-n Consumer Eye Control Technology for Gaming and Computing

The RED-n eye tracker by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) brings robust, accurate and precise eye tracking technology with unprecedented small form factor at a mass market price to OEMs and consumer applications

- SMI Expands Eye Tracking Business with Office in San Francisco

On January 1st 2014, SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) opens an office in San Francisco to focus on eye tracking integration in consumer and industrial applications and to be close to leading Universities in scientific research eye...

- JVRC in Paris: SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 Integrated with TechViz Virtual Reality Solutions

SensoMotoric Instruments and TechViz have integrated SMI’s leading mobile eye tracking technology with TechViz 3D visualization software and will demo new possibilities for early stage testing of virtual prototypes and designs at...

- Eye Tracking for PS4 – Sony Magic Lab and SMI Eye Tracking

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) eye tracking technology empowers Sony’s Magic Lab to develop new gaze interaction game concepts for the PlayStation 4

- Shopper research in Tesco store

Constat Research used SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 with smartphone recorder

- Redesigning the FirstMerit Bank Website

- A case study by Boston Interactive with SMI remote eye tracking

- SfN 2013: SMI Eye Tracking Shapes new Trends in Brain Research

SensoMotoric Instruments and partners present key technologies for mobile and multimodal insights into the mechanisms of behavior and cognition at the world’s largest neuroscience meeting

- Test 3D Glasses with full eye tracking in a cave

TechViz – SMI demonstration days 22th and 23th October 2013

- A Turnkey Solution Measures Cognitive Workload with SMI Eye Tracking

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) integrates the established Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA) by Eye Tracking Inc. for deeper insights into mental effort and information load

- SMI Eye Tracking Creates Thrill in Survival Horror Game

Eye tracking technology by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) powers new concept of passive eye gaze interaction for an entirely new gaming experience

- SMI Again Raises the Standard of Mobile Eye Tracking

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) introduces SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2.0 featuring a new level of mobility and ease of use and adding value to more applications.

- GRAFIX wins an SMI RED-M eye tracker at the ECEM student software competition

Participants of the 17th ECEM conference voted for their favorite amongst four finalists.

- SMI Eye Tracking at ECEM 2013

A compilation of research presentations relying on SMI eye tracking technology

- Neuro-Visual Insights in Mobile User and Shopper Engagement – by SMI and Emotiv


An integrated toolkit allows to analyze subconscious and affective responses of users and consumers in real-world environments - with mobile eye tracking data from SMI Eye Tracking Glasses and brain response data from the Emotiv...

- Eye Tracking Tablet PC For Enterprise Customers – by SMI and Tablet Kiosk

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) and TabletKiosk collaborate to produce the Sahara EyeSlate™, the first Tablet PC for enterprise customers with market-ready eye tracking integration

- New E-Prime Integration with SMI Eye Trackers

Join the demos at the Annual Meeting of the Organization of Human Brain Mapping (OHBM)

- SMI and Tobii Settle Litigations and Agree on License for Tobii Patent Family

- How do soccer fans watch the game?

This will be investigated by researchers of the Leibniz Knowledge Media Research Center (KMRC) and the University of Tübingen.

- SMI at SRCD: Studying Visual Behavior of Young Children

using SMI Eye Tracking Glasses - Watch Video

- Join webinar on the Combination of Eye Tracking and EEG

- SMI & DFKI at CEBIT: Smart eye tracking glasses for augmented reality

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) and the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) present a vision of new augmented reality applications which trigger information by eye gaze

- ECEM student competition

Develop software for eye movement research and win an SMI RED-m eye tracker

- SMI reveals first 3D glasses with full eye tracking capability

SMI 3D Eye Tracking by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) gives insights into realistic 3D user experience and allows for real-time gaze interaction in virtual environments

- SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) sells Ophthalmic Division to Alcon

SMI sets focus on new applications for their leading ocular technology and expands leadership in scientific research eye tracking

- SMI Eye Tracking in Lund`s Digital Classroom

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) delivered 25 SMI RED-m portable remote eye tracker for a full-scale lab in class and a new approach to educational research at Lund University in Sweden

- SMI Eye Control – now available for Prentke Romich’s AAC Users

Prentke Romich Company (PRC) has integrated eye gaze technology by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) into their leading AAC platform for individuals with speech disabilities

- The Neuromarketing Toolkit you’ve been waiting for!

Combining data on consumers’ attention and gaze with their emotional states - SMI eye tracking and Emotiv neuro technology offer an easy-to-use interface.

- Emotiv and SMI Combine Remote Eye Tracking and EEG: A Perfect Match!

Eye tracking leader SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) integrates neuro-technology by Emotiv to create a plug and play solution for neuromarketing and applied neurosciences.

- Training the Eyes of Ski Athletes

French Ski Federation Uses Small Recording Unit with Glasses-Type Eye Tracker by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) to Analyze Vision Skills in Downhill Skiing

- Effortless and efficient eye tracking research

SMI Semantic Gaze Mapping developed by SensoMotoric Instruments speeds up mobile eye tracking data analysis by up to factor 50

- Live stream of EARLI Advanced Study Colloquium (ASC)

Presentations on the methodological aspects of eye tracking and topics in educational psychology

- SMI Eye Tracking Strengthens Scientific Profile

Neuropsychologist Dr. Ingmar Gutberlet appointed as new Director of Sales & Marketing at eye tracking specialist SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI)


- Exp Suite Release 3.1

Easy synchronization, precise stimulus delivery, efficient analysis

- Wayfinding in the Railway Station

GfK Switzerland SirValUse performed a user experience study using SMI Eye Tracking Glasses

- Preregister now for SMI Roadshow in autumn!

Dates for SMI Roadshow presentations for second half of 2012 available....

- Millward Brown uses SMI RED-m

On-screen Brand Research Studies

- SMI Eye Tracking at Yale Early Social Cognition Laboratory

- Over 3,000 eye tracking sessions to study early social cognition in children with autism spectrum disorders

- SMI at FLUPA 2012

Eye Tracking Workshop on Web Usability


- ISS Symposium Berlin: The Effect of Gravity on Eye Movements

3D eye tracking solution for space research by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) has evolved into leading eye tracking technology for laser surgery and academic research

- Precise Measurement of Pupil Size

SMI RED250 Well Suited for Use of the Index of Cognitive Activity (ICA)


- SMI at ETRA 2012

Real-time Streaming with Updated SDK for SMI Eye Tracking Glasses: DFKI Presents Museum Guide 2.0

- Portable Eye Tracker for Laptops: SMI Launches Smallest RED-m

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) introduces SMI RED-m, the world’s smallest high performance eye tracking lab for research applications

- Eye Tracking and Gaze Based Interaction Everywhere: SMI Launches Mini OEM Eye Tracker

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) introduces SMI RED-oem, the world’s smallest high performance eye tracking platform for OEM application integration


- Case Study: Effectiveness of In-Game Sponsoring

Comparing attention to brand logos in sport-video games and TV broadcasts...

- SMI Eye Tracking Glasses: Unique Technology becomes “Object of Desire”

Ease of Use and Tracking Quality in All Environments Make SMI Eye Tracking Glasses The New Shooting Star in Mobile Eye Tracking

- Live Demo Eye Tracking & EEG at Neuroscience 2011

Join SMI at booth 1208 for a live demonstration on the co-registration of eye tracking and EEG

- Next 50 Customers to Receive a Free Copy of Latest Eye Tracking Research Book

Promotion is sold out! No more copies are available...

- First website dedicated to the measurement of Emotional Engagement launched

Could understanding what triggers emotional engagement in your customers make the difference for your brand?



- SMI Eye Tracking Glasses: World`s First Binocular Glasses-Type Eye Tracker Released

Eye Tracking Glasses by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) Combine Outstanding Eye Tracking Data and HD Scene Details with Unmatched Ease of Operation


- SMI Eye Tracking Glasses on Tour 2011!

Register now to enjoy a demo of SMI Eye Tracking Glasses at our upcoming roadshow events - with hands-on session

- Full Webinar with Audio

– Informed Design: Consumer Experience Testing with Eyetracking Tools

- Eye Tracking & EEG in Natural Reading

Journal Article with Extensive Methodological Discussion


- Celebrate 20 Years SMI

- Please join the SMI Afternoon Reception at ECEM 2011, Marseille, on August 23, 4.00 p.m.


- New Infant Control Tools

- SMI Solutions for Developmental Psychology & Linguistics


- SMI Launches Eye Tracking Publications Database

- Search the database or add your own publications

- Lady Gaga & the Effectiveness of Product Placement

- an article in Research&Results magazine on a case study with SMI remote eye tracking

- Release 3.0: Study Dynamic Content with SMI Experiment Suite™ 360°

- New Methodologies for Eye Tracking Practitioners

- Press Release: World’s First: 500Hz Binocular Remote Eye Tracker - SMI RED500

The brand-new SMI RED500 combines an unprecedented level of eye tracking performance with ease of use and integration into scientific experiments.

- Eye Tracking and EEG

Cortical activity predicting correct or error saccades

- with SMI Hi-Speed eye tracking and EEG data acquisition.

- Increase visual performance with subliminal gaze guidance

Groundbreaking EU research project on gaze guidance powered by SMI eye tracking technology

- Case Study Eye Tracking: Press Point of Sale

The market research institute IFAK and the publishing company Burda conducted a study on buying decisions at the press POS.

- Case Study Eye Tracking: Local Newspaper

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Fachhochschule Hannover) conducted an eye tracking study with the SMI RED remote eye tracking system.


- Virginia Tech’s School of Visual Arts opens a new eye tracking and usability testing lab

The department of Visual Communications at Virginia Tech’s School of Visual Design (SOVA) offers a fascinating array of degrees that combine the expertise of multidisciplinary faculty. Recently, Troy Abel, PhD, joined the...

- First Berlin Workshop on Eye Tracking in Human-Machine Interaction

By the Chair of Human-Machine Systems, Department of Psychology and Ergonomics, Technische Universität Berlin, in cooperation with SMI

- Picture-based analysis of the startle eye blink

With the SMI Hi-Speed eye tracking system

- Workplace design for remote air traffic control

A case study on the gaze behavior of tower controllers conducted with SMI mobile eye tracking technology

- Chess expert or beginner - what makes the difference?

A study with SMI MRI eye tracking to examine the mechanisms and neural basis behind expertise

- A Methodology to Evaluate the Affective Experience of Interaction with Ecommerce Websites

Full Paper Session at Measuring Behaviour 2010

- Tutorial: Assessing consumer attention with remote eyetracking devices

This tutorial will be held by Dr. Svetlana Bialkova of the Marketing and Consumer Behaviour Group,Wageningen University, The Netherlands, at Measuring Behaviour 2010.

- Best Practice in Eyetracking

SMI offers special course discount for Lund Eyetracking Academy on September 22-24, Lund, Sweden

- Mobile Eyetracking at Auto Expo India

Testing different product and exhibition design approaches - with Ratan Tata

- Eyes don't lie

Canada`s largest eyetracking study on web usability and survey reliability

- A multitasker's perspective:

3 Monitors + iPhone + more - a N.Y times article

Is multitasking making you more efficient?

- Plasma Screens - More gentle for the eyes!

A study with SMI technology comparing the strain of Plasma and LCD TV screens on the eyes

- Eyetracking on Full HD videos

Enhanced possibilities for meaningful analysis of small details, e.g. in TV spots or video games.

- Focus on general behaviour

Gridded AOI’s are extended density map visualizations similar to heatmaps

- UPA Panel Discussion: Eye Tracking Meets User Experience

May 19, 2010 - SMI will host panel discussion on UPA 2010 - Usability Professionals' Association International Conference in Munich in May 2010

- Bentley University, Design and Usability Center, MA/USA

April 25, 2010 - Renowned consultancy uses SMI eyetrackers for usability studies

- Tilburg University, The Department of Communication and Information Sciences

April 25, 2010 - Three SMI RED250 systems support research on cognitive processes

- The Telecommunications Research Center in Vienna (FTW): Eye Tracker Creates Sixth Sense

April 25, 2010 - Novel use of eye tracking in the field of Mobile Augmented Reality

- External Video Package for Experiment Center 2.4

April 25, 2010 - Integrates live video sources up to HD quality in your experiment

- SMI on Hannover Messe 2010

April 14, 2010 - SMI co-exhibitor together with TU Berlin and Dpt. of Man-Machine System on Hannover Messe 2010

- SMI - NOLDUS Workshop & Tutorial on India HCI / IDID 2010 revealed strong interest

Mar 20, 2010 - Mumbai, India.

- Extreme reading study: 3 days, 180 subjects, 4 eyetracking systems

Dec 9, 2009 - Humanities Lab in Lund, Sweden, performing eye-tracking study for reading with 180 people in 3 days...

- Winter School on Eye-Tracking in Barcelona, Spain - win 2 free registrations!

Sep 28, 2009 - SMI supports 1st Winter School on Eye-Tracking Methodology (WSETM'2009)in Barcelona, Spain, from Nov 24-27, 2009

- ‘The dog bit the postman’ - SMI eye tracking solution in Plymouth Babylab

Aug 10, 2009 - Researchers from Plymouth Babylab study child development and in particular language and cognitive development by utilising remote eye tracking from SMI.

- RED250 - Performance meets Ease of Use

Jul 27, 2009 - SMI introduces RED250, world's first high-speed all-in-one remote eyetracker with 22" widescreen monitor ...

- iMotions’ Market Research Software now supports SMI Eye Tracker

June 25, 2009 - iMotions’ Market Research Software now supports SMI Eye Tracker ...

- iMotions’ Market Research Software now supports SMI Eye Tracker

June 25, 2009 - iMotions’ Market Research Software now supports SMI Eye Tracker ...

- 1st SMI ICU Event great success

May 15, 2009 - SMI ICU Event "Eye Tracking meets... User Experience" was great success with more ...

- 1st SMI "ICU Event - Eye Tracking meets... User Experience"

Apr 1, 2009 - SMI "ICU Event - Eye Tracking meets... User Experience" hosted in Berlin on May 8, 2009

- SMI Eye Tracking enabled the world’s largest eye tracking study in Sweden

Mar 27, 2009 - SMI supported the world’s largest eye tracking study of Internet users’ behavior ....

- SMI / NOLDUS Seminar - Innovative solutions for behavioral research and eye tracking

Mar 3, 2009 - SMI and NOLDUS host joint workshop in Milano, Italy ....

- SMI event series: "ICU Event - Eye Tracking meets... "

Feb 25, 2009 - SMI initiates new get together series: the "ICU Event - Eye Tracking meets... "

- Prestigious iF product design award granted to SMI product

Jan 7, 2009 - SMI iView X™ RED was amongst the winners of iF product design award 2009 ...

- The story continues: Eye Tracking Academy in Lund, Sweden

Dec 12, 2008 - SMI and Lund University Humanities Lab will run 3rd Eye Tracking Academy (LETA) in Lund, Sweden on February 18-20, 2009

- The story continues: Eye Tracking Academy in Lund, Sweden

Dec 12, 2008 - SMI and Lund University Humanities Lab will run 3rd Eye Tracking Academy (LETA) in Lund, Sweden on February 18-20, 2009

- Look & Move - Eye movement control of remote robot

Nov 24, 2008 - Researchers at ITU Copenhagen and DTU Roskilde realize gaze navigated robot utilizing SMI iView X™ RED.

- Open house: Eye Tracker at Univ. of Stockholm

Nov 20, 2008 - The Department of Psychology is holding an open-house event with a focus on eye-tracking technology. The event will take place at Frescati hagväg 9, Thursday, 20 November 2008, 13:00-16:00.

- View Catcher? Eye Catcher? SMI Eye Tracking system on VISION 2008

Nov 6, 2008 - SMI iView X™ RED displayed on VISION 2008 in Stuttgart, Germany.

- Success Oblige! 2nd Eye Tracking Academy in Lund, Sweden

Aug 19, 2008 - SMI and Lund University Humanities Lab will run 2nd Eye Tracking Academy (LETA) in Lund, Sweden on October 1-3, 2008

- Success Oblige! 2nd Eye Tracking Academy in Lund, Sweden

Aug 19, 2008 - SMI and Lund University Humanities Lab will run 2nd Eye Tracking Academy (LETA) in Lund, Sweden on October 1-3, 2008

- Babies’ Gaze May Offer Early Autism Diagnosis

Jul 8, 2008 - the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reports on pediatric eye movement research, which is going on at labs at Yale and Canada’s McMaster University

- Ultramobile wearable combination of SMI eye tracking and see-through HMD

Jun 3, 2008 - SMI eye tracking integrated with Liteye see-through HMD provides wearable information tool

- Inauguration of 1st Eye Tracking Academy in Lund, Sweden

May 13, 2008 - SMI and Lund University Humanities Lab will run 1st Eye Tracking Academy in Lund, Sweden on June 11-13, 2008

- SMI Eye Tracking Seminar in Beijing

May 7, 2008 - the 10th Neuroscan ERP Senior Training Course & SMI Eye Tracking Seminar finished

- SMI EyeGames on ARVO

Apr 30, 2008 - 3rd open "SMI EyeGames" Event on ARVO was fun again

- Mobile Eye Tracking goes high speed - 200Hz

Mar 13, 2008 - Head-mounted mobile eyetracking now with 200Hz sampling rate

- SMI technology enables gaze control of "intelligent" wheelchair

Feb 1, 2008 - Researchers from Univ. of Mannheim, Germany, realized special control device to manipulate wheelchair

- SMI eye tracking attracts interest on VISION 2007

Nov 8, 2007 - SMI product displayed on world’s leading trade fair for Machine Vision

- SMI eye tracking attracts interest on VISION 2007

Nov 8, 2007 - SMI product displayed on world’s leading trade fair for Machine Vision

- SMI EyeGames on SfN

Nov 7, 2007 - 2nd open "SMI EyeGames" event on SfN attracts a crowd

- SMI EyeGames on SfN

Nov 7, 2007 - 2nd open "SMI EyeGames" event on SfN attracts a crowd

- SMI launches new website

Nov 2, 2007 – Applications of SMI products and technology are the main theme of the new website.

- SMI launches new website

Nov 2, 2007 – Applications of SMI products and technology are the main theme of the new website.

- New products on HFES conference in Baltimore

Oct 5, 2007 - Great interest in next generation of fully mobile iView X HED system

- New products on HFES conference in Baltimore

Oct 5, 2007 - Great interest in next generation of fully mobile iView X HED system

- Children excel in EyeGames at SMI

Oct 01, 2007 - iView X RED featured as the "hidden champion" in 3-9 year old kids' EyeGames at SMI

- Children excel in EyeGames at SMI

Oct 01, 2007 - iView X RED featured as the "hidden champion" in 3-9 year old kids' EyeGames at SMI

- SMI EyeGames on ECEM

Aug 20, 2007 - First "SMI EyeGames" event on ECEM generated great interest

- SMI EyeGames on ECEM

Aug 20, 2007 - First "SMI EyeGames" event on ECEM generated great interest

- SMI Eye Tracking Symposium in Beijing

Jul 20, 2007 - More than 60 attendees, invited lecturers and real life HED demo in Beijing traffic

- SMI Eye Tracking Symposium in Beijing

Jul 20, 2007 - More than 60 attendees, invited lecturers and real life HED demo in Beijing traffic